Million Miler program

Fly a million miles and earn special benefits

Fly a million miles and earn special benefits

It's a special honor to be recognized with Million Miler status, and it is our pleasure to reward such loyalty with the AAdvantage® Million MilerSM program. Every base mile you earn when you fly on American, American Eagle®, US Airways or any eligible AAdvantage program participating airline counts toward your Million Miler status.

When Million Miler status is reached, your benefits include:

At one million miles:

At two million miles:

At each additional million miles:

*AAdvantage bonus miles can be redeemed for flights, car rentals, hotel stays and other awards at Elite status members can exchange AAdvantage bonus miles for 500-mile upgrades on

Track your Million Miler activity

Log in to your AAdvantage profile to track your Million Miler progress. Your Million Miler activity is tracked separately from award miles, so it’s easy to find your status.

  • Frequently asked questions
    What does lifetime AAdvantage Platinum and lifetime AAdvantage Gold status mean for me?

    For the life of the AAdvantage Platinum and Gold programs, you will continue to enjoy the rewards and recognition of that elite level regardless of your annual elite-qualifying activity.

    Which miles will count for the AAdvantage Million Miler program?

    Base miles earned by flying on American Airlines, American Eagle or any AAdvantage program participating airline will count toward AAdvantage Million Miler status.

    How can I track my progress toward reaching AAdvantage Million Miler status?

    AAdvantage Million Miler activity is displayed in the members' AAdvantage account on separately from award miles so progress toward reaching this special designation can be easily tracked.

  • AAdvantage Million Miler program terms and conditions