500 mile upgrades

500 Mile upgrades American Airlines

Enjoy a higher class of service on American

When available, 500-mile upgrades allow you to upgrade from the Main Cabin to the next class of service for travel on American Airlines and American Eagle marketed and operated flights within and between:

Upgrade from a purchased Economy Class ticket to:

Upgrade Benefits

AAdvantage Executive Platinum members receive:
AAdvantage Platinum and AAdvantage Gold members receive:
Regular AAdvantage members may:

500-mile upgrade requests are subject to capacity controls and seating limitations.

*Fares beginning with Y or B, excluding military/government fares. Companions traveling on any other eligible fare may be upgraded using purchased or earned 500-mile upgrades.

Obtaining 500-mile upgrades

Earning upgrades

As an AAdvantage Platinum or AAdvantage Gold member, you earn four 500-mile upgrades for every 10,000 elite-qualifying miles flown (including guaranteed minimum miles) during your membership year - beginning March 1 or the date you qualify for elite status, through the last day of February. Mileage counters that are used to determine the number of 500-mile upgrades earned are re-set to zero every March 1.

Purchasing 500-mile upgrades

500-mile upgrades may be purchased at a discounted rate on aa.com and at airport self-service check-in machines during flight check-in. 500-mile upgrades can also be purchased through an American Airlines agent.

500-mile upgrades are available at a discounted price when purchased:
Upgrades may also be purchased:
Purchase Method Upgrade Price1 ( per 500-mile unit)
aa.com or Self-Service Check-In machines $30
Agent-assisted purchase $35

1Price is subject to applicable taxes and fees if purchased outside of the U.S.

As an elite-status member you may also buy upgrades with AAdvantage miles at a rate of 35,000 miles for eight upgrades.

To purchase upgrades online:

Upgrades purchased on aa.com will be available for use within two hours of purchase, but will not be viewable on aa.com until the following day.

Requesting 500-mile upgrades

Upgrades can be requested when making your flight reservations and are confirmed based on your elite status level. Request an upgrade:

How to request an upgrade

Upgrade requests are prioritized based on your elite level so the earlier you request your upgrade, the better! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Request an upgrade when making your flight reservations

Step 2

Your request will be processed automatically if upgrade seating is available based on the applicable window:

Within each elite status level, full-fare Economy Class tickets booked in Y or B are confirmed first, followed by all other fares, in the order in which the upgrade request was received.

Step 3

Once confirmed, you will be notified via email, or voicemail

Step 4

If your upgrade has not been confirmed at the time of check-in, you will automatically be added to the airport upgrade standby list** when checking in. The date and time of your original request, along with your elite status level, will determine your priority. Standby priority at the airport is as follows:

Step 5

One upgrade unit is required for every 500 miles of travel. Each flight segment requires at least one upgrade. The appropriate number of 500-mile upgrades will be automatically deducted from your account at flight departure.

*Applies only when traveling on a full-fare Economy Class ticket booked in Y or B

**In order to be added to the airport upgrade standby list, you must have the required number of upgrades in your account at the time of check-in.

Upgrade on US Airways at check-in

Until we integrate our programs, elite status members receive complimentary upgrades to First or Business Class on US Airways at the time of check-in, if seats are available. If available, an upgrade option will be presented at check-in for travel on US Airways-operated flights.

Within and between:
Offered via the following channels:

Upgrades will be provided on a first come, first served basis, and if a seat is not available, you can choose to add yourself to the upgrade standby list.

To secure an upgrade, all travelers in the reservation will need to agree to the upgrade options as presented at check-in. If you are traveling on a mixed itinerary and are checking in with American, but connecting to a US Airways flight, please see a US Airways agent to assist with the upgrade on US Airways.

Additionally, you may also upgrade on US Airways marketed, American Airlines-operated flights at the time of check-in if seats are available. Since this flight is operated by American, the cost for upgrades will follow the current American Airlines policy.

Tracking upgrade activity

You may track your upgrade activity: