Systemwide upgrades

Systemwide upgrades

Upgrades for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members

You’ll get eight complimentary one-way systemwide upgrades when you qualify or re-qualify for AAdvantage® Executive Platinum status.

If you’re traveling on most Business and Economy Class fares and an upgrade is available at the time of booking, you or anyone you choose will enjoy a confirmed upgrade to the next class of service.

About systemwide upgrades

Systemwide upgrades aren’t available when you’ve booked:

Find upgrade availability

Request an upgrade

If you want to use a systemwide upgrade for an existing reservation, call your elite service desk to check upgrade availability for your flight(s).

*Systemwide upgrades are subject to upgrade seating availability.

Track your upgrade balance

Keep track of your upgrade balance from your monthly AAdvantage account summary and on your AAdvantage profile.

In your AAdvantage profile you’ll find:

Summary details will only display if you have systemwide upgrades with an expiration date in the current or future year.

  • Systemwide upgrade terms and conditions