Systemwide upgrades

Systemwide upgrades

Obtaining systemwide upgrades

When you qualify or re-qualify for AAdvantage® Executive Platinum status:

Eligible markets and fares

Systemwide upgrades are valid for one-way travel on American Airlines or American Eagle marketed and operated flights from most Business and Economy Class published fares to the next class of service.

The following fares are not eligible for use with systemwide upgrades:

Requesting an upgrade

Follow these simple steps to request a systemwide upgrade:

Systemwide upgrades are subject to upgrade seating availability. If an upgrade is not available at the time of booking, these upgrades may be waitlisted.

We strive to confirm your systemwide upgrade as early as possible, however if your upgrade has not been confirmed as of check-in, we will automatically add you to the airport upgrade standby list, using your original request date and time stamp. You must have the appropriate number of systemwide upgrades in your account at least 48 hours prior to departure to be placed on the standby list.

Tracking your upgrade balance

Keep track of your upgrade balance via your monthly AAdvantage account summary and on

You'll find information regarding:

You may also view the number of upgrades used or associated with future trips. The last date/time that updates were made is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the Systemwide Upgrade Summary section. Should you have questions about your balance or usage details, contact your elite service desk.

  • Systemwide upgrade FAQs
    Q: When will my systemwide upgrades be deposited, and how will I know they are available for me to use?

    A: Systemwide upgrades are credited to your account within 48 hours of earning them. Once the upgrades have been deposited, they are available for your immediate use and can be viewed on We will also notify you via email whenever you earn these upgrades, such as when you qualify or requalify for Executive Platinum status.

    Q: How long are my systemwide upgrades valid?

    A: Upgrades that were earned based on your 2014 flight activity are valid through February 29, 2016. Upgrades earned based on your 2015 flight activity are valid through February 28, 2017. All travel using a systemwide upgrade must be completed by the expiration date, and upgrades will expire at 12:00 midnight (CT) on the date shown.

    Q: What should I do if I want to use my systemwide upgrades?

    A: Call your elite service desk. If seats are available, your upgrade will be confirmed and the required upgrade(s) will be deducted from your available balance.

    Q: Can I share my systemwide upgrades with other people?

    A: Yes, and you can travel with them, or they may travel alone.

    Q: How do I share a systemwide upgrade with another passenger if I'm not traveling?

    A: Call your elite service desk in advance to make the reservation and request the upgrade. The passenger can then check in for their flight without you being present. If you do not call your elite service desk in advance, the passenger cannot be accommodated at the airport unless you are also present.

    Q: If I cancel my trip prior to travel, what action should I take?

    A: Call your elite service desk so that we can reinstate the systemwide upgrade into your account for future use. This step is important in keeping your upgrade balance up-to-date.

    Q: Why don't I see my systemwide upgrade balance information on

    A: Summary details will only display if you have earned systemwide upgrades that have an expiration date in the current year or a future year. Should you have questions regarding historical data, please contact your elite service desk.

    Q: Why does my Systemwide Upgrade Summary show upgrades under the "Used" column even though my trip is for a future date?

    A: Systemwide upgrades are deducted from your account at the time your upgrade is confirmed and are, at that time, considered "used."

    Q: I'm currently waitlisted to use a systemwide upgrade on a future trip. Does this information show on my summary?

    A: No. Systemwide upgrades will not be deducted from your account until your request is confirmed. If you have questions regarding the status of your waitlist request, please contact your elite service desk.

    Q: What if my systemwide upgrade is not confirmed by the time I check-in?

    A: If your systemwide upgrade is not confirmed as of check-in time:

    Q: How does this work if I'm traveling on a one-way trip that has multiple flight segments?

    A: If a seat in the upgraded cabin is not available at the time of booking:

    Q: Where can I find the systemwide upgrade availability in the flight search tool?

    A: The Price & Schedule option in the flight search tool will display “systemwide upgrade” under the flight number if:

    After selecting "systemwide upgrade" you may view upgrade availability to the next class of service. Systemwide upgrades are offered to the next class of service depending on the aircraft when flying on most Business Class and Economy Class fares.

    Q: How can I determine how many systemwide upgrades are available for my flight?

    A: The Price & Schedule option in the flight search tool will display “systemwide upgrade” if there are enough systemwide upgrades available on the flight for the number of upgrades you are requesting in your search.

    For example, if you have two travelers selected in your flight search, the tool will display “systemwide upgrade” if there are two or more seats available. It would not display if there are not enough systemwide upgrades available to meet your search requirement, or, if you do not have enough of the upgrades in your account to meet your search requirement.

    Q: I would like to see if I can use my systemwide upgrades for a trip I have already booked. How do I do that?

    A: If you would like to check upgrade availability for a current reservation, please call your elite service desk for assistance.

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