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Learn about our various IT departments at American Airlines. Whether you are a coding ninja, a Linux guru, or a database expert, you will find the technology you love at our company.

Explore AAdvantage and Cargo Technology at American Airlines IT Departments

AAdvantage and Cargo Technology

AAdvantage is the frequent flyer program of American Airlines, and customer oriented technology is the main focus in this department. American Airlines Cargo provides more than 100 million pounds of weekly cargo lift capacity to major cities.

Commonly Used Technologies: Java, Agile SDLC

Explore and Mobile Technology at American Airlines IT Departments and Mobile is the largest IT Department in American Airlines where the flagship website you are looking at now is developed and maintained. With over 35 teams, and mobile has opportunities in a variety of fields including Revenue Enhancement, Customer Experience, Foundational, Operations, Mobile, and Services.

Commonly Used Technologies: Struts, Spring, Java, Agile SDLC, SCM, jQuery, Mobile Developments

Explore Airport Automation at American Airlines IT Departments

Airport Automation

Teams in the Airport Automation department develop the management software and mobile device solutions to support the daily American Airlines operations at the airports.

Commonly Used Technologies: C#, Java, C++, jQuery, HTML5, Web Services

Explore Airline Partner Technology at American Airlines IT Departments

Airline Partner Technology

The Airline Partner Technology group acts as the technical program office for American's joint businesses with British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, Japan Airlines, and Qantas. In addition, the department supports technologies relating to oneworld, American's global airline alliance, along with other domestic and international partners that the company codeshares with.

Explore Data and SOA at American Airlines IT Departments

Data and SOA

The Data and SOA department supports a data warehouse of American Airlines which involves a large amount of data retrieval. The department utilizes Apache Hadoop technology to handle the big data and uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Commonly Used Technologies: SQL, Mosaic DB, Apache Hadoop, SOA

Explore Enterprise Infrastructure at American Airlines IT Departments

Enterprise Infrastructure

The Enterprise Infrastructure group provides desktops, laptops, and hardware to all employees at American Airlines. This group also specializes in Virtualization and platform hosting services.

Commonly Used Technologies: Operation Systems, VMWare, Oracle DB, Postgres, Citrix

Explore Enterprise Network Services at American Airlines IT Departments

Enterprise Network Services

The Enterprise Network Services group manages the network services including wi-fi and cellular data for the employees at Headquarters, Airports, and on the airplanes. The group also selects the next generation mobile devices for American Airlines.

Commonly Used Technologies: OSI Layers, Routers & Switches, Network Analysis, Network Protocols

Explore Financial Systems at American Airlines IT Departments

Financial Systems

The Financial Systems department supports the Finance organization and provides full technology delivery from project management, architecture, application development, and infrastructure for all of the Finance organization's technology needs. Financial systems applications are responsible for over $20 billion in transactions every year.

Commonly Used Technologies: Java, .NET, Agile SDLC, Spring MVC, Sharepoint, Hibernate, Sybase DB, Oracle DB, SQL Server DB, Cognos, MQ, SOAP, Websphere, Drools, SAP ERP

Explore Horizon at American Airlines IT Departments


American Airlines Horizon program oversees the migration out of the old Flight Operations System (FOS). Project teams in Horizon work to update the operational technology, supporting everything from flight planning to aircraft communications.

Commonly Used Technologies: Java , Agile SDLC, Sharepoint, JPA, Oracle DB, MQ/JMS, SOAP, Websphere Application Server, Websphere Message Broker, Eclipse(My Eclipse Blue, Generic), TDD, Informatica Data Transformation, Linux (shell and os), Javascript HTML5, .Net, Visual Basic, Flex/Flash Builder, iOS

Explore IT and Partners Support at American Airlines IT Departments

IT and Partners Support

IT and Partners Support group deals with vendor management and has contracts from Oracle and other major partners. The group also manages the employee portal called Jetnet.

Explore Information System Security at American Airlines IT Departments

Information System Security

The Information System Security department protects American Airlines internal data and prevents our systems from external threats by utilziing firewall and encryption technologies.

Commonly Used Technologies: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Firewall, Vulnerability Analysis

Explore Maintenance and Engineering Technology at American Airlines IT Departments

Maintenance and Engineering Technology

Maintenance and Engineering (M&E) IT develops solutions to support the airline’s aircraft maintenance and engineering activity. Teams are located at headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and our maintenance facility in Tulsa, Okla.

Commonly Used Technologies: Java, .Net, C/C++, HTML5, PhoneGap, WebSphere Application Server, MQ Series, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata


Explore Revenue Planning Technology at American Airlines IT Departments

Revenue Planning Technology

Revenue Planning Technology (RPT) is an IT department that builds and provides tools to Network planning and Revenue Management. The applications in this area help the business in analyzing and coming up with optimum Flight schedules, Fares and Yields. RPT systems make decisions like where to fly, when to fly, what equipment to fly, in what order to fly, how much to price and how many seats to sell at a given price at a given time. RPT also has applications that would automate rebooking in case of disruptions and blocking and unblocking of seats. RPT works closely with business and Operations Research to build the tools used in the department.

Commonly Used Technologies: Java, .Net, C/C++, WAS, HTML5, Flex, in memory databases, Oracle, Web services, algorithms, Linux, Solaris, TWS, Web Automation, Oracle DBA, BIG IP, WAS, SiteMinder, Storage, Linux OS, HP/Sun Hardware

Explore Operation Research and Advanced Analytics at American Airlines IT Departments

Operation Research and Advanced Analytics

Operations Research and Advanced Analytics (OR) functions as an internal consulting group providing advanced analytics and decision support for various business departments throughout the company.

REQUIRES: MS/Ph.D in Computer Science or Related Field

Commonly Used Technologies: Optimization (Xpress, Cplex, COIN-OR), Simulation (Simio, Arena), Statistics (SAS, R), Programming (Java, C++, Python, .NET, VB, VBA, etc.), Data Visualization (Tableau), Database (SQL, Teradata, Oracle, Access), Data Mining

Explore Operation Technology and Realtime Systems Department at American Airlines IT Departments

Operation Technology and Realtime Systems

Operation Technology and Realtime Systems department develops applications in conjuction with Operation Research and Advanced Analytics department to support flight operations and develops decision support applications for Americans' Integrated Operations Control(IOC), airports, and towers. This group also handles the Flight Attendant Customer Experience Tool (FACET) tablet project.

Commonly Used Technologies: J2EE, Flex (Desktop and Mobile), Oracle DB, IBM MQ, SOAP

Explore Sales, Merchandising, and Premium Services Technology at American Airlines IT Departments

Sales, Merchandising, and Premium Services Technology

Handles the technology related to American Airlines' businesses with Travel Agencies. This department also handles Merchandising products sold by American Airlines such as Pre-boarding, Main Cabin ExtrAA and similar revenue generating products. The premium services group within this department handles technology for products used by our elite customers such as the Admirals lounge and Concierge Key.