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2 Week Orientation

During the first two weeks of the ADEPT program, ADEPTs learn about the daily operations and mission through a variety of sessions. This time is spent on tours, professional development courses, and leadership training.

Some orientation activities are:
• Tour of DFW International Airport
• Tour of System Operations Control
• Tour of Flight Academy
• Tour of data centers
• Creativity and Innovation Workshop


During the first year in the program, ADEPT employees participate in orientation, training, Walk-A-Miles, Brown Bags, and other activities in addition to their normal workload while assigned to an ITS team.

At the conclusion of the first year, ADEPT employees rotate to another ITS team. Second year ADEPTs are expected to to complete a class project that will benefit the company. They also get the opportunity to participate in an international business trip with members of management. In general, second year ADEPT employees are expected to have acquired the skills necessary to drive their own careers at American Airlines, in addition to proactively seeking training and opportunities to ensure continuous career growth.

Brown Bag Lunches

During brown bag lunch sessions, ADEPT employees are able to meet with members of upper management here at American Airlines to discuss their career path, current projects, challenges, learn about different teams and what opportunities are available within the ITS organization.


Each quarter, ADEPT employees participate in a "Walk-A-Miles" for about a week. During this time, ADEPT employees have the opportunity to learn about a specific ITS team, including gaining exposure to new technologies, ideas, and methodologies that are utilized within those teams.

American-to-American (A2A)

ADEPTs started another initiative called American-to-American (A2A) that encourages employees to teach, share, and learn from one another. Regardless of role, level, or location, A2A's community-based approach makes it possible for all American Airlines employees to take advantage of a wide variety of learning opportunities.

All ADEPTs are encouraged to mentor each other on any topic. Past subjects have included architecture, starting an Agile team, and filing for reimbursement using American’s web application.

Tech Talk

Tech Talks are meetings with AA employees with a wide variety of technical roles, which includes but not limited to software architects, data modelers, and research analysts. Tech Talks allow ADEPT employees an opportunity to learn more about different roles and provides resources for career development.

Mentorship Program

Each first year ADEPT employee is paired with a second year ADEPT employee. The mentor is able to help answer questions, provide guidance, and to also be utilized as a resource for that new ADEPT employee.


All ADEPT employees participate in training courses. The first year ADEPT class participates in leadership development training at Flagship University (AA's training center) with classes including Presentation Advantage, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and the Oz Principle. Additionally, each ADEPT member is expected to undergo forty hours of professional training. This could be accomplished through a technical course or conference.

What ADEPTs Have Been Working On:

ADEPT Website Refresh

Members of the 2012 ADEPT class recently completely redesigned and rebuilt this website. The result is, of course, the exquisite site you are currently reading.

Award Mile Project

For their class project, the 2011 ADEPT class created the Award Map. This project has received significant acclaim within the company, as well as national and international media attention. You can view the award map at