We’re now one airline

We are now one airline

One airline. One website. One reservation system.

All our flights are now operating as American Airlines, and the US Airways brand belongs to history. That means our travel policies and elite benefits are fully aligned, creating a seamless travel experience for you. Here’s what you can expect:

At the airport

All signs at the airport are labeled as American and have the new look of our brand, making finding your way easier than ever. We’ve also enhanced the check-in experience, giving you access to more efficient kiosks to get you on your way faster.

In addition, you’ll notice all our regional carriers are flying as American Eagle. Before you go, be sure to check your terminal and gate for the most updated information.

Inside the Admirals Club

You can now enjoy personal travel and reservation assistance from any Admirals Club® representative in all our clubs. While you’re there, see how we’re elevating your experience by remodeling the lounges and improving amenities like food and beverage options.


You can now use aa.com for all your travel needs – finding deals, booking travel, checking in and more. Download the American app to check in on the go and get a more personalized travel experience.

AAdvantage elite member benefits

Upgrades Executive Platinum Platinum Gold
Flights 500 miles or less: Unlimited, auto-requested complimentary upgrades available available available
Flights over 500 miles Unlimited, auto-requested complimentary upgrades Use 500-mile upgrades Use 500-mile upgrades
Upgrade one companion traveling with you on the same flight with 500-mile upgrades available available available
Upgrades confirmed before departure
(as early as)
100 hours 72 hours 24 hours

Make your upgrade requests on aa.com, at the airport or by calling reservations or your travel agent.

Benefits at the airport Executive Platinum Platinum Gold
Priority through the airport at check-in, security and boarding available available available
Checked bag fee waived 3 2 1
Complimentary same-day standby available available available
Same-day flight change Complimentary $75 / person $75 / person