Managing Our Footprint

Corporate Responsibility - Environment

AMR is committed to safeguarding the earth's environment through the ongoing development and implementation of sustainable business practices. To help us address challenges and develop innovative solutions that will decrease our environmental footprint, we have established three strategic focus areas for our efforts:

  • Climate and Energy - Our largest potential impact results from the burning of jet fuel. We have established programs and initiatives and made significant investments to maximize fuel efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize energy use across our fleet.
  • Utilities Management - Our ground facilities, offices and airport infrastructure contribute to our environmental footprint with regard to energy, materials and water use, and related emissions and waste. Our Utilities Management Council focuses on sharing best practices and implementing initiatives to minimize resource use and identify cost savings throughout our system.
  • Waste Minimization - Our operations inflight and on the ground generate significant amounts of waste. Through source minimization, reuse, recycling and reclamation, we are dramatically cutting the amount of materials that end up as waste.

As always, we consider full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations as the minimum acceptable level of performance for our company. We established an Environmental Management System (EMS) at American Airlines almost 20 years ago and a similar EMS at American Eagle 10 years ago. The EMS is modeled on the ISO 14001 standard and helps us meet our compliance objectives and continuously improve our environmental performance. The EMS incorporates our environmental policy and outlines procedures for planning, implementation and training, audits and corrective actions and management review. The EMS covers American's U.S. operations. Environmental compliance at international operations is managed locally within each country.

In 2011, we performed 32 internal audits of our airport operations. We aim to audit all maintenance bases, major airport operations and smaller airport operations on a risk-based schedule — approximately once every three years.

Our compliance performance has been consistently strong. No environmental fines, penalties or notices of violation were issued to American or American Eagle in 2011.

Environmental Policy And Commitment Statement

The AMR Environmental Policy governs our company's approach to protecting and preserving the environment. The policy was first adopted in 1993 and updated in December 2009.

The Chief Executive Officer and each employee are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy. Station/functional management at all locations and subsidiaries implement policies and procedures to comply with this policy statement.

The company is committed to:

  • Complying with all environmental laws and regulations
  • Maintaining procedures and systems that ensure required environmental laws and regulations are met or exceeded
  • Communicating appropriate environmental information to affected employees, customers, contractors, the public, regulatory authorities and emergency response authorities
  • Safeguarding the earth's environment by adopting sustainable business practices, technologies and procedures that take energy use, pollution prevention, water conservation, other emissions and conservation of natural resources into account
  • Engaging our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and shareholders, in our effort to reduce our environmental footprint
  • Reporting publicly our environmental performance, including greenhouse gas emissions, on an annual basis
  • Striving to continuously improve our environmental performance

The Chief Executive Officer will actively work to ensure that each employee of American remains focused on and committed to our environmental, social and economic success, and will:

  • Hold each officer accountable for the environmental performance of his or her division/department
  • Require each department to provide the training necessary to ensure that we comply with environmental rules and regulations and that our impacts on the environment are minimized
  • Require each employee to comply with the Environmental Policy statement and the company's policies and procedures regarding environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Actively encourage employees to find environmentally friendly methods of running our business