Corporate Responsibility - Environment

Investing In Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to designing and implementing innovative programs and initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to contributing to a more sustainable future, we view this investment in environmental stewardship as a tremendous opportunity to meet our strategic objectives to Fly Profitably and Invest Wisely. Over the past few years, we have saved millions of dollars and avoided significant amounts of emissions and waste through programs such as Fuel Smart, as well as our utilities and waste reduction initiatives.

Highlights From Our Environmental Initiatives In 2011 Include:

American Makes History With Fleet Renewal

AMR Corporation made history in 2011 with the largest aircraft order the industry has ever seen. The 460 new planes ordered from Boeing and Airbus will dramatically reduce costs, as they are more fuel-efficient and will require less maintenance than a more mature fleet. This strategic investment, supported by favorable financing from both manufacturers, will help maximize the financial flexibility of the company while providing a state of the art travel experience for our customers. By 2017, we will have established the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleet of all our major competitors.

Waste Minimization Team Reduces Waste By More Than 1.3 million Pounds

The newly established Waste Minimization Team surpassed by almost 1 million pounds its first year goal to achieve annual waste reduction of 326,800 pounds. We set our initial waste-minimization goal based on the weight of a Boeing 777 aircraft, and are excited to have made such significant progress in this area. Further efforts will be supported by a more robust steering committee composed of vice presidents from across the organization.

American Named As "Greenest Airline" by Newsweek Magazine

For the second year in a row, AMR Corporation received the best ranking among U.S. airlines in Newsweek's annual environmental list of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in America. American Airlines shot up the Green Rankings list from No. 111 to No. 49, and is the top company in the transportation and logistics category.

Environmental Performance and Goals




  2009 2010 2011 2011 2012
Fuel Smart Annual Savings Rate Improvement 108 million gallons 123 million gallons 141 million gallons (exceeded goal by 7 million gallons) 134 million gallons 146 million gallons
Utilities Management Council Savings $10 million in savings $12 million in savings $12.5 million in savings (met goal) $12.5 million in savings $13 million in savings
Annualized Waste
Minimization Rate
* * 1.3 million pounds of waste reduced (exceeded goal by almost 1 million pounds) 326,800 lbs.2 million lbs.
Water Reduction ** ** ** ** 30 million gallon reduction

*The Waste Minimization group was formed in 2010 and began tracking performance in 2011.
**Initial water reduction goal set in 2012.