Putting our people first

Striking balance in the work environment

Our employees are one of the many assets that make American the best airline in the world. They treat our customers with the highest level of service, ensure our flights depart and arrive on time, work diligently to get baggage safely to its destination and so much more.

Because we value our employees’ contributions so highly, we strive to be the most desirable employer in our industry. We do this by providing competitive pay and benefits packages, ample opportunities for career growth and development, a diverse and inclusive working environment and the recognition our employees deserve.

Beyond the job, we encourage and support employee involvement in the communities we live and work. We seek out a variety of opportunities for our employees to be able to volunteer and contribute to their chosen causes, enhancing their lives and the lives of others around us.

Jet pull for United Way. In Tulsa, Oklahoma 2014

Pulling together to support United Way

Tulsa employees compete for a cause

In 2014, American held a “Jet Pull” to raise money for United Way. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, more than a dozen employee teams, contributing $200 each, competed to be the fastest to haul a Boeing 737-800, weighing some 47 tons, 15 feet. The Tulsa competition was one of seven held at hubs nationwide, adding to American’s annual United Way contribution.

An American career

Investing in employees is investing in the future

We’re committed to building a world-class team of aviation, business and service professionals. Starting with an engaging and inclusive work environment, we: encourage collaboration, training and development, celebrate our diversity and maintain an unwavering focus on health, safety and well-being. By continuously improving our performance in these areas, we can ensure the company’s long-term success.

  • Who we are

    Mainline Employees

    Employees by Region

Welcoming new employees

American grew by 7,000 in 2014

It is an exciting time for growth and opportunity at American. The significant new hires we made in 2014 demonstrated our commitment to the strength of our workforce as a driver of ongoing success. In total, we added more than 7,000 new team members across our global operations.

New hires by workgroup 2014 total
Flight Attendants 2,316
Fleet Service 1,130
Reservations 832
Pilots 801
Passenger Service 691
Management and Professional 544
International 522
Administrative 380
Maintenance and Related 254
Total 7,470
  • Staying connected

    In 2014, American’s leadership participated in more than 860 employee engagement events. These events included Town Halls in all nine hubs, as well as in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, maintenance facility; the Southern Reservations Office (SRO); Europe; South America and Asia.

    We also held nine Crew News sessions and four State of the Airline (SOTA) meetings, when quarterly financial results were announced. More than 3,500 people attended the SOTA meetings (either in person or via webcast), an average of 25,000 people viewed each Crew News session and an average of 18,300 viewed each Town Hall session.

    We further maintain strong internal communications through Jetnet, our online employee website. At the site, employees can find news, colleagues with special skills or expertise, hear directly from leaders through their blogs and ask questions to the community at large.

Benefits and beyond

We’re striving to make American the employer of choice – through benefit programs, health initiatives, contract negotiations and employee outreach and engagement.

Our benefits

Every employee has unique needs, so we offer full-time employees an array of benefits to provide them with the support they require to reach their full potential, at work and at home:

Health and wellness

Healthy team members are the most productive in every aspect of their lives. That’s why we encourage our employees to make positive, proactive decisions concerning their health and lifestyle.

Training and development

Empowering employees to perform

The challenges of completing the airline merger have provided significant opportunities to our employees; including but not limited to: a path to industry-leading skills and opportunities and industry-competitive compensation and benefits.

We empower our staff with the tools they need to perform at their best, and to better manage shifting responsibilities and new challenges. Practices include:

Flight service pushes us forward

Workplace progress fueled by flight attendants

Flight attendants have unique, valuable perspectives on the jobs they do every day, so we’re tapping into their insights to help improve the experiences of our employees and customers.

In June 2014, more than 250 flight attendants gathered in Fort Worth to kick off the first combined Flight Attendant Involvement Teams program. These volunteers, including union officers, worked with Flight Service leaders and other departments to find solutions to key issues facing our airline.

The event included seminars on team dynamics, brainstorming and root-cause analysis (determining the cause of a problem and fixing it). From catering issues the launch of new customer experience initiatives, flight attendants weighed in. The teams now meet monthly to achieve goals identified at the first session.

Involvement teams program

Rewarding extraordinary employees

American continues to reward and offer growth opportunities to long-standing employees as well as new hires. In 2014, we combined our recognition programs, awarding nearly $24 million to employees through the Chairman’s Award, the Above & Beyond program and our monthly Triple Play.

Diversity and inclusion

Connecting the people and places of the world

As a leading global airline, the new American plays an important role in connecting the people and places of the world. Because of this role, we feel it is particularly important for our employees to reflect the diversity of our global operations and the customers and communities we serve.

American’s inclusive work environment starts with board- and executive-level commitments to continually enhance the diversity of our workforce. We recognize that diversity and inclusion are a source of competitive advantage and business success.

Different backgrounds, cultures and experiences provide broad perspectives that enrich our work culture, decision-making and business strategy. We believe individual differences, combined and focused, can contribute to stronger results for our employees, our customers and our shareholders. We also believe maintaining a diverse workforce is critical for attracting and retaining the best employees.

CEO Diversity Message

We’re turning heads

American continues to earn recognition for its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Employee Business Resource Groups drive agenda

    At American, we have a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team focused on engaging employees, developing leaders and measuring, building and promoting diversity and inclusion in all facets of our business.

    Our Diversity Advisory Council, a body composed of representatives from 20 Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs), manages our key diversity and inclusion initiatives. EBRGs are employee-led organizations that foster interaction and engagement on a number of social and cultural issues.

    Drawing on their diverse, cross-cultural backgrounds and experience, the EBRGs help inform business decisions, policies and education initiatives.

    In 2014, we combined American’s and US Airways’ Employee Resource Groups to form 20 EBRGs.

    2014 Diversity and Inclusion highlights

Community connection

Spreading citizenship around the globe

With global business comes global responsibility. We recognize that our scale and connectedness endows us with a unique ability to support charitable action through direct corporate contributions, as well as through collaborations with our customers and team members.

Our mission is to bring value to all of the places we work and the lives we touch. We also seek to engender a spirit of good citizenship in both our employees and our customers. In 2014, we made significant contributions to our host communities and to the causes we believe in.

  • 2014 contributions
American Airlines Giving

Giving in action

Team member volunteerism and engagement in the community is very important to our corporate culture. Their efforts enrich the communities we operate in and the lives of those involved.

Education Foundation


Supporting future generations, the Education Foundation awards direct scholarships to employees’ children. Since 1990, when the foundation began, we have awarded more than $5 million in grants and scholarships. Additionally, our Kids in Need program supports organizations such as the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation—the nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children.



Since 1989, the American Airlines Miles for Kids in NeedSM program has provided members of the American Airlines AAdvantage® loyalty program the opportunity to donate their unused AAdvantage miles to children and their families for air travel. The program partners with many of the world’s leading child-focused organizations, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Our other efforts for children include:

Military and Veterans Initiatives

Those who serve

A large share of American Airlines and US Airways pilots and other employees are active or veteran military. Accordingly, we have a long tradition of supporting our armed forces with special airfares, giving to nonprofit organizations and employee engagement in a variety of activities. These include:

Partnerships and programs

We can’t do it alone – our employees work together and with many outside resources to accomplish our great level of giving.