Flight Plan 2020 - Get To Know Who We Are

Flight Plan 2020 is American Airlines’ vision for securing and positioning our business for the next decade and beyond.

We launched our strategic plan—Flight Plan 2020—in late 2009. The plan is our blueprint to long-term success for American Airlines based on the following five tenets:

  • Invest Wisely: Every day, we depend on our people, aircraft, facilities, and technological infrastructure. We must continue to invest in these areas if we are to succeed in the long-term. Investing in our people is ongoing. We are also continuing initiatives related to fleet renewal, facility renovations, and upgrades to our technology infrastructure.
  • Earn Customer Loyalty: We must deliver value for every customer and differentiate our airline. We are making numerous enhancements to our products and services to improve our customer travel experience.
  • Strengthen and Defend our Global Network: Our network alignment around our cornerstone hubs of DFW, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles strengthens our domestic network. Deepening our relationships with oneworld airlines and securing anti-trust immunity with select international carriers strengthens our global network.
  • Be a Good Place for Good People: Our future depends on creating and maintaining a good place to work and build a career, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity, and where diversity is embraced.
  • Fly Profitably: We must constantly find ways to cut costs, operate more efficiently, and generate additional revenue for the company to sustain our business, grow, and create job security. We've cut more than $6 billion in costs since 2003, including more than $4 billion in non-labor costs.

The five tenets of Flight Plan 2020 are underscored by the key charge to Be Competitive to Secure Our Future. This means that to establish and sustain long-term profitability, we must be competitive in everything we do including costs, product, revenue, service, and schedule. We also recognize that an important aspect of serving our customers is developing new partnerships to expand access to convenient and dependable travel options.

We believe that Flight Plan 2020 provides clear direction for effectively serving our customers, partners, employees, and investors. We are implementing Flight Plan 2020 so there is alignment between our corporate responsibility efforts and our business objectives. We believe that as we secure our future and succeed in the various aspects of our strategic plan, we will likewise be strengthening our overall corporate responsibility performance.

Corporate Responsibility