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Great Work, Great People, Global Travel

American Airlines is a great place to work! You’ll have the opportunity to work with smart people who want to make a difference. Add global travel to challenging work and great people, and you have a winning combination.

“…the decisions you make have a direct impact on the multibillion dollar revenue that the company makes. This is an industry that connects people from around the world and is fundamental to the life of the people we serve...I have been very fortunate to alongside people who are not only bright, passionate and engaging, but also warm, helpful, and welcoming.”

Passenger Sales Planning

“American Airlines entrusts its employees with lots of responsibility. After only 4 days on the job, I was managing revenue in the tens of millions for over 300 flights a day per day. In such a competitive and dynamic industry, there is never a dull day.”

Domestic Yield Management

One of the coolest perks of working for American Airlines is the broad network we have at our disposal for weekend trips... Thanks to airline discounts on other airlines, a co-worker and I were able to spend two and a half days in Portugal taking only one vacation day. Literally, Europe for the weekend.”

International Revenue Management

Before moving to Airline Profitability, my first positions was to conduct the company’s short term revenue forecast. This is extremely important as it gets presented to the company’s CFO (and SVP of Planning) once a month as well as in some way, shape, or form to Wall Street. Part of the forecast is traffic and so airport staffing and other operations people received the forecast I created. It’s super cool to sit a CFO meetings with executive management and listen to them discuss where the airline is going. I think it’s a great first year MBA position.”

Airline Profiftability

“My coworker and I decided to go to Buenos Aires for a weekend. We flew down Friday night in First Class and arrived early Saturday morning. After meeting up with another coworker and one of his friends from college, we headed off for a tour of the city…Because our coworker’s friend had studied abroad in Buenos, we met up with some of his Argentine friends for dinner that night…Afterwards, we went out with our friends and sampled some Argentine wine. Sunday we explored a few new areas of the city before heading to a professional soccer game – an experience not to be missed when in South America! We grabbed a few empanadas on the way to the airport and then flew back to Dallas. Monday morning I arrived early enough to take a shower, grab some breakfast, and be at my desk before the rest of my team had even arrived.”

Strategy and Analyst

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