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For the past 15 years, American Airlines has offered employees the opportunity to join Company sponsored Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In addition, a Diversity Advisory Council, made up of representatives from each of the ERGs, comes together monthly to provide cross-cultural insight on both employee-facing and customer-facing policies, communications and initiatives.

These groups form to highlight identity and advocacy, and provide opportunities for professional development, community involvement and business contribution. "We do more than just organize activities around our constituency groups, we want to use our awareness and insight to build bridges to our communities that will advance the mission of our Company," said Noorjehan Javed of the Muslim Employee Resource Group.

Our Asian/Pacific Islander ERG provided input for our Beijing flight route and garnered Asian business community support. The Indian ERG provided insight for our launch of the Chicago to New Delhi flight route (menu, marketing and communication) including Hindi translations for the onboard safety video. The African American ERG coordinated focus groups to gather feedback on how we could win more customers within the African American community. And, we have Web sites for the LGBT community (aa.com/rainbow) and for women (aa.com/women) that were developed with input from our GLEAM and Women in AAviation ERGs.

Leadership is a choice we make every day at American Airlines. Toward that end, we offer each ERG support and strategic guidance from both the Office of Diversity Strategies and an Executive level sponsor. Their success is our success. AMR has 17 active groups representing a variety of affinities:
  • Abilities Resource Group (ARG)
  • 40+ (Generational) (40+)
  • African American (AAERG)
  • Asian/Pacific Islander (APIERG)
  • Caribbean (CRBERG)
  • Christian (CERG)
  • Family Matters Resource Group (FMRG)
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLEAM)
  • Generation NOW (GenNow)
  • Green Resource Group (GERG)
  • Hispanic/Latin (HLERG)
  • Indian (IERG)
  • Jewish (JERG)
  • Muslim (MERG)
  • Native American (NAERG)
  • Veteran and Military (VMERG)
  • Women in AAviation (WIAA)