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Adnan Syed believes that his primary purpose in life is to serve humanity, and that's what the Information Technology team leader at American Airlines strives to do. In his spare time, Syed serves on the national board of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). ICNA is a multicultural organization that addresses the basic needs of underserved communities in the United States, providing food, shelter, and disaster relief. "We did extensive work in New Orleans after Katrina," Syed cites as just one of ICNA's many efforts. One of ICNA's priorities is to create opportunities for families to lead productive lives, believing that when given the right tools, people will thrive and bring about positive change in their lives and communities. ICNA also provides education about the Islamic faith. Many families supported by ICNA in North Texas are refugees from other countries. Syed tells the story of a refugee boy, approximately six years old, who stole food for his family. When asked why, the boy said he and his family had not eaten in five days. "I thought, How can this happen in America?" Syed says. "We should be prepared to deal with hunger and homelessness. ICNA has a program called Feeding the Hungry, which includes community food drives and food pantries." The organization has opened a shelter for women in New York City and a free medical clinic in Atlanta, and Syed says the organization plans to expand to more cities. "My faith is Islam, which teaches that we are here for a purpose: to take care of others," says Syed. "When we go to sleep at night, we must know we have done something to provide for others, not just for ourselves." To learn more, go to www.icna.org. Adnan Syed