American Eagle Airlines Supplier Diversity

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The American Eagle Airlines Supplier Diversity Program is supported by our corporate Diversity Advocates and is managed by Webb Henderson, The American Eagle Diversity Program affords qualified minority/women-owned, LGBT, diverse and small businesses the opportunity to participate as potential suppliers for products and services for American Eagle Airlines.
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President's Statement on Supplier Diversity
One of American Eagle Airlines many strengths is the diversity of our employees, customers and suppliers. We fly to destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the continental United States and serve an equally diverse group of customers. Similarly, we do business with a rich mix of competitive minority, women-owned, LGBT, businesses in an effort to benefit from a supplier base that reflects the diversity of our employees and customers.

At American Eagle we:
  • Evaluate products and services on their merits, giving fair and impartial consideration to all suppliers
  • Award contracts based on the highest quality and best delivery combined with the most competitive cost to the corporation
  • Review constantly the performance of our suppliers and contractors to enhance their ability to provide products and services that exceed industry standards
  • Assure inclusion of minority, women-owned, LGBT, companies in procurement and construction opportunities across American Eagle
Daniel P. Garton

Daniel P. Garton, President
American Eagle Airlines