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AAdvantage - 500-Mile Upgrades

Booking Inventories For  500-Mile Upgrades
Companion Upgrade (For Executive Platinum, Platinum And Gold Members Only)


500-mile upgrades allow customers to upgrade from Main Cabin to the next class of service for travel on American Airlines or American Eagle®:

• Within and between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda

• Between the U.S. and Central America

500-mile upgrade requests are subject to capacity controls and seating limitations.

AAdvantage® members may request an upgrade at the time their reservation is made via travel agencies, any American Airlines Reservations office, Travel Center, or Airport Ticket Counter up to 330 days prior to departure.

American's Electronic Upgrade System will automatically attempt to confirm the customer's upgrade request based upon the AAdvantage member's status and upgrade window listed below.

Member Status Window
AAdvantage® Executive Platinum 100 Hours
AAdvantage® Platinum 72 Hours
AAdvantage® Gold/AAirpass® 24 Hours
Regular (Traveling on Y/B fare tickets only) 24 Hours
Booking Inventories For 500-Mile Upgrades

Customers are allowed to upgrade from the Main Cabin to the next cabin. For flights where Business Class is the next cabin, the upgrade will be confirmed in R inventory. For flights where First Class is the next cabin, the upgrade will be confirmed in X inventory.  Note that 500-mile upgrades do not allow for upgrades from Business Class to First Class. Travel agents who wish to request a customer upgrade using 500-mile upgrades should use current GDS formats supported today.

Some First Class and Business Class seats are reserved until shortly before flight time so that you and American Airlines can sell these seats to Full-Fare First Class and Business Class passengers. All reserved seats that are not sold are made available to AAdvantage members at the airport.

When checking in on or at the self-service kiosk, customers who previously requested an upgrade are automatically placed on the standby / airport priority list. They are no longer asked if they still want to upgrade during the check-in process on or at the self-service kiosk. When checking in with an agent, customers whose 500-mile upgrade request has not cleared will have an option of moving to the airport standby list. Customers will be prioritized on the airport standby list based on their elite status level (AAdvantage Executive Platinum members first, followed by AAdvantage Platinum members, then AAdvantage Gold members) and the date and time associated with their initial upgrade request. Within each elite status level, Y/B fare tickets are confirmed first, followed by all other fares.

Companion Upgrade (For Executive Platinum, Platinum And Gold Members Only)
  • If the eligible member and companion are in the same PNR, American will attempt to confirm the upgrade request for both passengers based on the sponsor member’s elite status level.
  • If there are more than two non-elite status passengers in a PNR, the upgrade inventory will not be confirmed. In order to confirm the upgrade inventory, the PNR must be split to include only the eligible member and companion.
  • If there is no eligible Executive Platinum, Platinum or Gold member in the PNR, American will send a message indicating ineligibility.

For formats, please contact your GDS/CRS. For additional information regarding 500-mile upgrades, please visit


Updated October 17, 2013

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