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Agency - Appointment And Standards


General Appointment
Specific Appointment
ARC Location Types

General Appointment
In all states except CA, FL, IL, NY and VA, American Airlines (AA) is a general appointment carrier for Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) travel agencies. Under ARC industry agreements, all agents who are approved by ARC are automatically appointed as an agent for AA unless the agent is notified to the contrary.

An ARC-approved agency should receive their AA plate approximately three weeks after receipt of the ARC bulletin. For any questions please contact American Airlines at 817-438-5486.

Canadian BSP agencies may also contact AA at 817-438-5486.

Agents who do not receive American's approval will be so notified in writing with appropriate notice to other carriers through ARC and to the applicable CRS vendor.

Specific Appointment
AA is a specific appointment carrier for ARC agencies in the states of CA, FL, IL, NY and VA. All new ARC agencies in these states must obtain credit approval directly from AA before the agency will be approved as an accredited AA agent.

Upon ARC approval of a new agency in CA, FL, IL, NY and VA, AA will send an application package to the agency. The agency will receive a written reply from AA notifying them of the credit decision.

To check on approval status, agencies in CA, FL, IL, NY and VA may call AA Credit Administration at 918-254-3527. AA's appointment of an ARC location will not be considered final until:
  • American Airlines' agent reporting agreement addendum has been mailed
  • AA's validation plate has been delivered.
ARC Location Types
  • Independent (I)
    • Independent Restricted Access
    • Centralized Service Location (CSL)
  • Home Office (H)
    • Home Restricted-Access Office (HR)
  • Branch (B)
    • Restricted-Access Branch (BR)
    • On-site Branch
    • Special Event Location (SEL)
    • Centralized Service Location (CSL)
    • Ticketing Fulfillment Location (TF)
  • Satellite Ticket Printer (STP)
      NOTE: STP's in residential locations will not receive AA appointment.
  • Corporate Travel Department (CTD)
For detailed location descriptions, qualifications and requirements see the ARC Agents Reporting Agreement (ARA) on ARC's web site,


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