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The following policies apply to United States based travel agents only:

American Airlines requires the International Airlines Travel Agents Network (IATAN) ID card for all agency earned/free and reduced rate travel. Agents must provide their IATAN card number when requesting travel from the American Airlines Airlines Ticket Redemption Center. The card must be valid through the duration of the travel.

For Travel Agency Reduced Rate travel, American Airlines will accept only those agents with the number 1 as the final number on the coded ID card. For example:

TRAA 4503 0751 EI1

The number one signifies the agent works the required 35 hour week. American Airlines will not accept any other final number on the coded ID card for Reduced Rate travel. Earned/free travel requires only that the agent hold a valid IATAN card.

The IATAN ID card is not required for meeting planners, tour conductors, site inspection tickets, or agency companion tickets.

For information on obtaining an IATAN ID card, travel agents should refer to


Reviewed: October 1, 2013

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