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Agency Reduced Rate Travel

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  • Must be employed by an American Airlines appointed ARC or IATA agency.
  • Must work full time (full time is defined as 35 hours per week, minimum) as an agency salaried and/or commissioned employee responsible for selling and promoting travel, including air transportation.
  • Must have been employed in the position, full time, for at least 12 consecutive months. Exception:  a qualified agent who has established the required 12 months at a previous approved agency location may qualify after six months at his/her current location.
  • Must hold a valid IATAN card where currently employed. The last number of the travel agent position code must read, "1". Agents located in Canada are required to provide a valid ACTA card or current eligibility list.
  • Outside sales people are not eligible for reduced-rate travel unless they are full time employees.
  • AD50 companion travel is valid once a year to international destinations only.

All reduced-rate travel for Travel Agents located in the U.S. and Canada will be AD50. AD75 reduced-rate travel has been discontinued.

Note: AD75 reduced rate travel remains valid for International Point of Sale (POS) agencies.

Discount is applicable only for fares beginning with F, P, J, and Y.

Travel is valid only on American Airlines and American Eagle® flights. Travel is not valid on flights operated under a codeshare agreement with any other carrier.

Booking Procedures
Reduced-rate inventory is capacity controlled. To confirm availability, the inventory can be viewed via direct access by adding the booking code to your standard city-pair availability entry.

Cabin/Class of ServiceInventory Code
Coach/Main Cabin O
Business Class U
First Class Z

Once inventory availability has been established, the travel agent must call the American Airlines Ticket Redemption Center (TRC) at 817-963-5522 to book the reservation.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure.

PNRs booked in O, U, and Z inventories must be ticketed 14 days after booking, or 14 days prior to departure, whichever comes first. Any PNRs that have not been ticketed within 14 days will be automatically canceled. PNRs built within 14 days of departure date will be allowed a maximum time limit of 24 hours, or until 5:00 p.m. Central time the day prior to departure, whichever comes first.

For agency-booked records, you must contact TRC within 24 hours to prevent the PNR from cancelling.

Travel Agents must supply their IATAN number at the time of booking to the TRC agent.

Blackout Dates
Currently, there are no blackout dates for reduced rate travel.

At the time of booking, American Airlines TRC agents will e-ticket all reduced-rate travel itineraries using a credit card in the name of the passenger or Corporate Card, as the form of payment.

Confirmation will be sent via fax or e-mail.

Changes After Ticketing
Once ticketed, all changes must be made by calling the Ticket Redemption Center.

If there is a change in routing once the ticket has been issued, a $50 USD fee will apply. This includes changes in connection points, non-stop to connections, connections to non-stop or co-terminal changes.

No fee will apply to date/time changes.

Name Changes
Name changes are allowed and must be made through the Ticket Redemption Center at 817-963-5522. A $50 USD fee will apply.

Unused reduced-rate tickets are refundable through the Ticket Redemption Center (TRC) at 817-963-5522. A $100 USD fee applies.

It is not the policy of American Airlines to pay retroactive AD ticket claims for those agents who have purchased a full fare ticket.

No processing fees are required for reduced-rate travel.

Fees do apply for change of routing, name change and refund as indicated above.

Upgrades are not allowed.

Pre-reserved Seats and Boarding Passes
Pre-reserved seats can be assigned by American Airlines. Boarding passes will be issued by American Airlines at the airport on the day of departure.

Boarding Policies
Agency-reduced rate travel is positive space, is not removable for oversales and is eligible for denied boarding compensation.

AAdvantage Mileage
AAdvantage® frequent flyer miles will not be accrued.

On international flights (this does not include Puerto Rico), a child under 2 years must have a ticket issued by American Airlines. Infants traveling with an adult on a reduced-rate ticket between the US/Canada and Central/South America, Trans-Atlantic, or Trans-Pacific will be charged 10% of the applicable full adult fare.

Appearance Requirements

  • First/Business Class:
    Well groomed, neat, clean, traditional or casual business attire appropriate for a professional business office. Coats, jackets, and ties are not required. Women's hosiery is not required.

    • Unacceptable Attire for First Class:
      Athletic footwear, bare-midriff, beach clothing, beach footwear, clothing with holes or ragged edges, clothing with offensive terminology or graphics, cut-off clothing, denim clothing of any kind and any color, flip-flops, hiking or military style boots, leggings, jogging suits, micro-mini skirts, provocative or revealing clothing, sandals, sheer or see-through clothing, shorts, skorts, split skirts above the knee, sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and workout clothing.

  • Coach Class:
    Well-groomed, neat clean attire, conservative and in good taste.

    • Unacceptable Attire for Coach Class:
      Bare midriff, beach clothing, beach footwear, clothing with holes or ragged edges, clothing with offensive terminology or graphics, cut-off clothing, flip-flops, leggings, micro-mini skirts, provocative or revealing clothing, sheer or see-through clothing, shorts may be worn in coach by children age 6 and under, sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and workout clothing.


Updated August 25, 2014

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