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Queue Rate Requests For AA Itineraries To AA International Rate Desk
Special Notes For Sabre Agencies

Queue Rate Requests For AA Itineraries To AA International Rate Desk
American Airlines will compute the rates for any international itinerary that includes confirmed international AA segments for North American CRS subscribers. Rates will not be computed for any itineraries that are comprised of all OA space or contain no AA international segments. Segments between the United States and Canada are not considered to be international.

A telephone call can be saved by queuing the PNR(s) as follows:

CRS Rush Queue Non-Rush
Amadeus (1A) QE/DFWAA1101/5 QE/DFWAA1101/6
Apollo (Covia)(1V) QEP/QHH/15 QEP/QHH/16
Sabre QP/TUL58/4 QP/TUL61/4
Worldspan (PARS) (1P) QEP/AA0/20 QEP/AA0/20

NOTE: Queues are worked Monday – Friday.

  • Rush queues are completed within one business day of receiving request.
  • Non-rush queues will be completed within three business days of receiving request
  • Urgent after hours/weekend requests should be called in directly to the AA Tariff department at 800-468-3273.
If a change is made to the itinerary after a PNR has been queued, please do not re-queue as this will only remove the PNR from its current place in the queue and move it to the bottom.

If a rate request has been received and is being worked, this will be noted in the PNR. In Sabre, the phone field will be updated with, "RATE IS IN PROGRESS." In other systems, the PNRs will be updated with a similar message in either the OSI or SSR fields. In this case, please contact the Tariff department at 800-468-3273, press "2" for International Tariff, and advise the agent of the change.

If a PNR is queued more than once prior to a rate having been completed, the rate desk automated program will assume that the most recent request is the most current, and the previous request will be removed from the queue. As a result, a PNR that is queued more than once can only delay completion of the rate.

A new automated program called the Tariff Automated Queue System (TAQS) has been implemented at the AA rate desk and will significantly enhance our ability to quickly and efficiently process your international rate requests. Any response from this system will be documented with the agent sine "TAQ." With this implementation, AA is immediately requesting the use of a delimiter -- AA** -- preceding all lines of remarks in the PNR relevant to the calculation of an international rate request. These remarks should include various information such as:

  • A ship's country of registry for a Seaman's fare
  • Country or base station for a military fare
  • Form of payment or type of government fare
  • Ticket designator for AAdvantage award or upgrade travel
  • Child ages for a child discount fare
For example:

Inclusion of this delimiter and subsequent remarks entries will not only increase the efficiency of the new automated process, but will also ensure that your rate request is properly completed and promptly returned to you for ticketing.

Special Notes For Sabre Agencies

If the lowest rate available is desired for an itinerary, including inherent restrictions and penalties, you may enter a remarks line in the PNR prior to queuing it for a rate. For example:


Please note AA is unable to change inventories of any segments booked on other airlines.

If no remarks line is included in the rate request, the fare will be calculated on the itinerary as confirmed by the subscriber.

American Airlines no longer uses the "Phase 4" process to create a manual pricing record. The PQ, "price quote," record will replace the current "Phase 4" record. New Sabre entries will provide the ability to convert an agent priced PQ record to the current "Phase 4" record format so that Sabre subscribers can receive fares from AA and subsequently ticket those fare records.

For detailed instructions, see Sabre's format finder. Please direct any questions to your Sabre help desk.


Updated September 10, 2013

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