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Ticketing - Sage

Ticketing Time Limit Control
Duplicate Booking Control
How To Avoid Canceled Segments Or PNRs

American Airlines flight firming system, SAGE, scans all advance bookings and enforces ticketing restrictions. Unticketed reservations will be given a time limit and queued to you for action. Therefore, it is recommended you check your queues on a regular basis. Otherwise your unticketed bookings will be canceled.

There are two key elements of SAGE:

  • Ticketing Time Limit Control
  • Duplicate Booking Control
  • Ticketing Time Limit Control
    Note: Applicable fare rule ticketing time limits must be followed.

    For those PNRs that have not yet been ticketed, a SSR (Special Service Request) message will be sent giving you the time limit SAGE has assigned to your booking. Every effort has been made to ensure the time limit is correct, based on the inventory booked. You must auto-ticket the reservation so ticket numbers will be transmitted to Sabre for proper recognition by SAGE.

    In most cases SAGE provides a warning prior to cancellation. This means another message and queue placement.

    Duplicate Booking Control
    Duplicate bookings are not permitted and will be canceled on sight. Duplicate bookings include duplicate segments within the same PNR as well as duplicate PNRs.

    If the system finds a duplicate segment in a booking, in most cases, the most recently added segment would be considered the valid segment and the others canceled. You will be notified via your queue of any canceled duplicate bookings.

    This improved firming system will help to ensure that American Airlines inventory is available for customers truly intending to travel.

    How To Avoid Canceled Segments Or PNRs
    To avoid cancellation of duplicate or unticketed space there are five rules to follow:

  • Ticketing time limit rules
  • Auto ticket in the PNR
  • Do not book any duplicate segments or PNRs
  • Do not make fictitious bookings
  • Check your queues daily

    SAGE is continually enhanced and expanded to better confirm American Airlines flights. If your bookings have been assigned an incorrect time limit please contact your Sales Support Center.


    Updated October 14, 2014

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