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Booking - Full Name And Emergency Contact Requirements

Passengers Full Name
For consistency and to reduce delays at airport Security Checkpoints, each traveler's name must be entered in the name field of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) as it appears on his or her government-issued photo id.

  • First and Last name only as it appears on the government issued ID that the passenger will use while traveling. Do not add a prefix, middle name or suffix.
  • Do not change the PNR name field to add a middle name. The PNR name should contain the last name and first name as it appears on the customer's government issued ID. In many cases, the PNR name and SFPD field will be different since many passengers have a middle name.

Single Character Last Name
If a customer has a single character last name of "B", "C", "Z" or "I" these must be doubled due to SABRE coding requirements for the PNR NAME FIELD; however it must be properly documented in the SFPD documentation.
Check with your GDS Help Desk for clarification on Name Field coding requirements.

Single Name
If the passenger's legal name is a single/one name; enter that as their last name. Use FNU as their first name in the Name Field of the PNR name.
Check with your GDS Help Desk for clarification on Name Field coding requirements.

Emergency Contact

  • The emergency contact (full name and telephone number) must be solicited and included using the Special Services Request (SSR) code PCTC.
  • The contact can be an individual or entity and need not be related to the passenger.
  • The contact may not be a person travelling on the covered flight.
  • Be sure to include the area code and country code (if outside the U.S.).
  • The regulation requires only that the emergency contact be solicited.
  • The passengers may refuse to provide this information. In this case you may indicate that passenger refused. For questions on SSR formats, please see contact your CRS help desk.

By collecting this information in advance of airport check-in you will provide our mutual customers with the best possible service. Passengers who do not have the passport and PCTC indicators in their PNR will have to be asked these questions at check-in, increasing the transaction time.

This information is to be used by the department of state solely for family notification purposes in the event of an aviation disaster and will be kept confidential.

Customer Cell Phone Number

  • American Airlines requests that you ask customers to provide their cell phone number, if they have one, for all reservations and include this number in the PNR. Airports use the cell phone numbers as a means to locate passengers who have checked bags, but have not boarded their flight.
  • AA is required to match all checked luggage to passengers travelling. Being able to locate the passenger may avoid having to unload an entire aircraft to pull bags for those who may be at the wrong gate or forgot to set their watches to the correct time zone. Your assistance in helping us comply with regulations and achieve on time departures is appreciated.
  • Passengers on all departing flights worldwide will be able to use cell phones, laptops and pagers until the door is shut.
  • Day of departure passenger notification:
    American Airlines recognizes the importance of reliable schedules to our customers. While on-time performance is a top priority at American, the many variables of flight operations may result in changes to our schedules. When it is necessary to change the customer's flight plans within 24 hours due to weather, flight conditions, mechanical difficulties or other operational challenges, it is important that we are able to contact them prior to their departure.
  • We request your assistance by including their home, business and, especially, cell/mobile phone numbers in the PNR. In addition, a destination contact is also preferred. Our customers frequently tell us that although their ticket was issued by their travel agency, they expect to hear from American if their flight times change. AA will only use those numbers to contact them for last minute changes to their flight times. Normal schedule changes will still be queued to you for customer notification.


Updated: March 22, 2012

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