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Refunds - Change Form of Payment

Refunds - change form of payment:

  • Change Form of Payment (CFOP) may be requested on a sale previously reported.
  • CFOP may be submitted if travel has already commenced.
    • Must be a valid ticket - within the validity of the ticket issuance date.
    • Expired tickets are not valid.
  • CFOP may be requested for:
    • Cash to credit card.
    • Credit card to cash or check.
    • One credit card to another credit card.
    • Vouchers are not permitted.
  • CFOP processing fee of $50.00 USD per ticket.

To change the FOP, please provide the following and mail to the address provided below:

  • Cover letter explaining the change FOP that is needed.
  • A copy of the ARC report in which the original ticket was reported along with a copy of the ticket itself.
  • Copy of the ticket/ETR.
  • Change FOP fee - $50 USD per ticket paid with an agency check.
  • To change FOP to check: include a check for the amount of the ticket.
  • To change FOP to credit card: send the Universal Charge Form (UCF) with:
    • The ticket information.
    • Ticket value.
    • Credit card imprint.
    • Cardholder’s signature (signature on file is accepted).
    • Approval code.
    • Date the UCF with the date that the approval was received.

American Airlines
Passenger Refunds
4000E Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

To inquire about your documents, contact AA Refunds and please to go Change Form of Payment Inquiries


Updated October 16, 2014

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