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Refunds - Procedures

When processing a refund, travel agencies are required to note the appropriate coupons for which the refund applies. When processing a partial refund, please note the specific coupons that correlate to the refund amount. When processing
a full refund, note all of the coupons for the ticket(s) being refunded.

If the agency does not mark the correct coupons when reporting a refund, the ticket appears to be over-refunded creating a discrepancy that requires manual audit review. Refer to ARC Agency Handbook Section 3.2, for Refund Exchange Notice instructions.

Travel agencies that do not properly reference the correct coupons for refund transactions will be assessed an administrative fee.

Important Note: Agencies are not allowed to refund a non-refundable ticket(s) unless authorized by American Airlines. For Schedule Change/Schedule Irregularity guidelines, refer to Schedule Change - Rule 240/80 - Schedule Irregularity. For Travel Notice guidelines, refer to the specific event.

Applicable Rule 240/80-Schedule Irregularity or Travel Notice refunds must be submitted to American using the online refund form:

Travel agencies who process unauthorized Rule 240/80-Schedule Irregularity or Travel Notice refunds are subject to a debit memo. American reservations sales representatives may not authorize exceptions to this policy.


Updated October 16, 2014

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