Non-Refundable Ticket Refund

Only American Airlines can process the refund of a non-refundable AA/001 ticket, with the following exceptions:

  • American withdrawal/discontinues service in a market
  • Flight Cancellation on a Travel Notice Exception Advisory
    • Flight not cancelled when permitted per the Travel Notice Exception Advisory – may submit a refund request at
  • Flight Cancellation on a Schedule Irregularity (IROPS)
  • Bulk Ticket – See rule for specifics
  • Suspension of Service
  • Length of Delay Beyond Two Hours for Schedule Change or Schedule Irregularity
    • Flight Change depending on the length of the delay follow may submit the refund request at

Note: American Airlines Reservations department cannot authorize exceptions to this policy. It is the agency's responsibility to review Schedule Change guidelines to determine how the refund should be processed.

Updated February 23, 2015