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Ticketing - Change Charge

Change Charge (Formerly ASC) / Penalty Information

  • Change charges/penalties may vary by markets and fare basis types. Always consult the fare rules before quoting the change charges/penalties.
  • When booking different fare types that are combinable, be aware that the fare with the most restrictive rules applies. Please note that change charges/penalties are not considered restrictions.
  • Change charges/penalties are published in conjunction with each fare basis. If several different fares are used to construct an itinerary, it is feasible that each leg of travel may have a different change charges/penalty.

Change Charge

Travel within/Between 50 U.S./Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands, And Transborder U.S./Canada or, to/from Hawaii. Check Fare Rules. Change charges vary.

Once a ticket has been reissued, the new issue date will determine the change charge amount.

For travel originating in Canada, requiring collection in the U.S., the CAD change charge will be converted to USD at the current rate of exchange.

For travel originating in the U.S., requiring collection in Canada, the USD change charge will be converted to CAD at the current Bankers Selling Rate (BSR).

Exchanges in Canada are subject to the 7 percent Canadian Government Services Tax (GST).









Updated June 20, 2013

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