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Ticketing - Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA) Policy

Agency Prepaid Policy

American Airlines verifies every telephone prepaid ticket advice (PTA) via agency call back. This action is necessary to minimize fraud and abuse of telephone PTAs by non-travel agents. All PTAs will be called in to American Airlines Reservations.

Before American Airlines takes the PTA information over the phone, they will require the name and phone number of the caller. The caller will be advised of an immediate call-back to verify the authenticity of the PTA.

For the protection of everyone involved, and due to the high incidence of fraud, only the agency official telephone numbers will be accepted. This includes the agency official business number, or the professional 24-hour reservation service used by the agency. These are the only call back numbers accepted for verification.

Other numbers will not be considered acceptable. If American Airlines is unable to verify after one attempt the PTA will not be processed. Any non-verifiable PTA will not be processed.

The following PTA service charge fees apply to the country where the PTA is purchased/sold:

Paid in the U.S/Puerto Rico/U.S.V.I. $100.00 USD
Paid in Canada $112.00 CAD
Paid in Caribbean/Mexico/Central America/South America* $40.00 USD
*Exceptions are:
  • Paid in Bermuda
  • $100.00 USD
  • Paid in Jamaica
  • $25.00 USD
  • Paid in Barbados
  • $25.00 USD

    Call American Airlines Reservations for PTA service charges purchased outside the Western Hemisphere. Also for PNRs with multiple passengers.

    PTA service charges are waived for compassion fares and all military fares. The PTA service charge is also waived when these military fares are combined with other refundable or non-refundable fares on a ticket.

    Government Fares: The PTA service charge will not apply when payment is made by federal government Visa cards beginning with 4486 or 4716 or MasterCard(s) beginning with 5568 or GTR. Washington state government fares are also exempt from the PTA service charge.


    Updated: October 21, 2013

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