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Lost Ticket Procedures

Lost And Stolen Tickets
Travel Agency PTA
Lost Ticket Application Fee
AA ETDs Tickets

Lost And Stolen Tickets

Nonrefundable tickets that have been lost or stolen can be reissued at the original fare only at an American Airlines ticketing location before or on the date of travel with the original ticket number.

Tickets may be reissued by a travel agency at the current fare. The Lost Ticket Application may be filed online at or may be filled out and mailed to the following address:

American Airlines Passenger Refunds
P.O. Box 200025
El Paso, TX 88520-0025

Lost or stolen tickets are subject to a nonrefundable ticket investigation fee.

Travel Agency PTA

A travel agency may not issue the replacement ticket. However, they may issue a prepaid ticket advice (PTA) for the replacement ticket, provided the following information is included in the (7s) special remarks area of the PTA:

    -Original ticket number and date of issue
    -Form of payment of lost ticket

Purchaser/passenger must complete and sign the lost ticket advice (LTA) prior to issuance of replacement ticket.

PTA may be issued for a round-trip ticket or the return portion of a round-trip ticket. American Airlines ticketing office will complete the LTA at the time of ticket issuance.

$100 USD/$115 CAD prepaid service charge applies.

Lost Ticket Application Fee

$100 USD/$115 CAD

Fee is nonrefundable even if ticket is subsequently found.

AA ETDs Tickets

A passenger who claims not to have received a ticket by mail should complete an Affidavit Of Non-Receipt Of Tickets by mail requested from American Airlines.


Updated: October 22, 2013

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