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Marking Up of Fares & Change Fees Prohibited

As a reminder, American Airlines prohibits the marking up of published and private fares and/or change fees for the purpose of producing and collecting the travel agency's service fee. In addition, agencies may not issue published fares as "BT" or "IT" tickets.

Agents must strictly adhere to American's instructions, rules, regulations, conditions of sale, and tariffs.

The Department of Transportation has clearly stated that a misrepresentation by a ticket agent "as to fares and charges for air transportation or services in connection therewith" is an "unfair or deceptive practice or unfair method of competition". Violations are subject to civil penalties up to $2,500 USD for each violation.

Travel agencies that mark up published and private fares or change fees for the purpose of collecting their agency service fees will receive a debit memo for the amount of the markup. Your compliance with our policy is appreciated.

ARC accredited agencies may use ARC's travel agency service fee (TASF) program to collect their service fees.

Detailed information regarding the TASF program is on ARC form number 111. See the ARC website for ordering instructions.
IATA accredited agents should see for information on IATA's TASF program.


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