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AA Direct Connect

AA Direct Connect

The AA Direct Connect is a direct link into AA’s host reservation system for the facilitation of availability, shopping and pricing, booking, ticketing, and post-ticketing servicing transactions. The AA Direct Connect utilizes modern technology links and XML messaging, which can handle more robust and flexible transactions.

Merchandising and AA Direct Connect

The AA Direct Connect is designed to support future merchandising and ancillary services. The AA Direct Connect provides the technical flexibility to provide enhanced offerings and customized services.

Technology Pavilion

The following Technology Providers are familiar with the AA Direct Connect and are at various stages of integration development. Some providers are fully integrated, others are in the process of integrating, while others are willing to integrate based upon interest from current and potential customers. To learn more about the services that the listed vendors offer, please refer to the provided contact information. This list will be updated with additional providers over time.

List of Technology Providers (PDF)

AA Direct Connect Enrollment

For agencies interested in more information and enrolling to utilize the AA Direct Connect, please contact your AA Sales Representative or

Agencies interested in establishing access to the AA Direct Connect and associated schedules, availability, fares, and merchandising capabilities should follow the process outlined below:

1. Provide Agency information including Agency name, address, ARC/IATA number, main contact person (name, title, phone number & email address) by filling out this form or by sending an email to with a copy to your AA Sales Manager, if applicable.

Please also indicate the Agency’s preferred method of connection (see Step #3 below). This information will allow AA to set up the Agency in the AA Direct Connect system (i.e., assign Pseudo City Codes, establish user ids, etc.).

2. Sign an AA Direct Connect Access and Use Agreement which contains the general terms and conditions for Agency use of the channel. This agreement will be sent to the Agency after receipt of the email request in Step #1.

3. Determine the preferred method of connection with the AA Direct Connect:

      a. Use of a compatible third-party Technology Provider. Agencies may utilize the Technology Provider of their choice to access the AA Direct Connect. AA has provided a list of compatible third-party front, mid, and back-office Technology Providers on Agency Reference ( under the Technology Pavilion section.

        i. If an Agency’s Technology Provider is already listed on Agency Reference (, the Agency should ask the Provider for its status in the integration process with the AA Direct Connect, how these process changes may impact the Agency, and how the Agency can establish access to AA Direct Connect content. Upon Agency notification of their preferred compatible Technology Provider, AA will provide the necessary Agency credentials and the Agency can commence work with the Provider to establish access.

        ii. If an Agency’s Technology Provider is not presently listed on Agency Reference (, such as a GDS, the Agency should request that the Technology Provider contact AA for details on integration.

      b. Use of an online pre-packaged Content Aggregator – a User Interface known as SPRK and powered by Farelogix – that is fully integrated with the AA Direct Connect. SPRK also supports optional access to multiple content sources for other Air, Hotel, Car and Destination content.

      More information and a video demo of the SPRK tool are available at the following link:

      Agencies interested in this option should indicate so on the email communication to AA and further information will be provided.

      c. Direct XML API feed – Agencies with their own Content Aggregator platform may take the Direct Connect XML feed and plug it directly into the Agency platform. Interested Agencies may request API Schema, Documentation and access to a test server for the facilitation of this integration. This information requires execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be provided upon request. Once the Agency has reviewed the documentation, a technical review session can be arranged to address questions, establish integration support processes and determine an implementation timeline and plan.

Agency Reference Home Page


Updated March 23, 2011

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