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December 2010 News

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British Airways No Longer Accepts Paper Tickets - * UPDATE *
December 15, 2010

Updated information is indicated in red.

For travel January 1, 2011 and beyond, British Airways will no longer accept paper tickets. Please refrain from booking revenue paper ticket itineraries involving travel on British Airways operated flights for January 1, 2011 and beyond. The preferred method is to keep the itinerary on e-Ticket eligible airlines; this will allow the BA segments to be issued as electronic with other e-Ticket eligible airlines.  BA open segments are not e-ticket eligible. BA will not accept infant paper tickets.

All other airline flights that are ineligible for interline electronic ticketing should be ticketed separately at the applicable fare.

If a ticket was issued as PPR prior to our IET agreement – in those cases the Travel Agent should reissue from PPR to ETR.  No changes to the itin and the endorsement box to be noted: OA PPR TKT POLICY.


Updated January 13, 2011

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