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March 2013 News

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3/15/2013 AA*6140 LHRJFK / AA*6133 JFKLHR March 16 – 20 Reschedule Passengers
3/14/2013 MIA Immigration/Customs Delays
3/12/2013 Same Day Flight Change on
3/08/2013 Paraguay Visa Fee For Business And Leisure Travel

AA*6140 LHRJFK / AA*6133 JFKLHR March 16 – 20 Reschedule Passengers
Updated: 15MAR13

Passengers scheduled on AA*6140 LHRJFK and AA*6133 JFKLHR operated by British Airways for March 16 – 20, 2013 have been reaccommodated on alternate AA and BA flights. American Airlines personnel have contacted affected passengers in the main cabin to reschedule on BA 175 LHRJFK and BA 112 JFKLHR.

The aircraft has been changed to a 767, with main cabin service only. Passengers confirmed on AA*6140 LHRJFK and AA*6133 LHRJFK in First or Business Class are being reaccommodated on a space available basis either in the main cabin of BA 175 LHRJFK and BA 112 JFKLHR, or rescheduled on other AA or BA flights LHRJFK and JFKLHR.

Customers may choose to reschedule their flights within 5 days of their original scheduled departure flight or accept a full refund of the unused portion(s) of their ticket.

MIA Immigration/Customs Delays
Issued: 14MAR13

Please be advised that there are delays with the immigration/customs process in Miami (MIA) due to a lack of inspectors. It is taking approximately 2 to 3 hours for customers to be processed, which could have an impact on anyone who is connecting in MIA. As a result, we are unable to escort or expedite Five Star or Concierge Key customers through the process in MIA until the delay is resolved.

Please advise your customers who will be going through customs while traveling to or through MIA.

Same Day Flight Change on
Updated: 12MAR13

Beginning 24 hours prior to departure, customers can request a same-day flight change on through the check-in window at a cost of $75.00 per person.

Customers can confirm a seat on a different flight as long as the alternate flight:

  1. Has the same origin and destination.
  2. Is the same calendar day of departure.
  3. Has eligible seats available.

For additional information, see Same Day Flight Change on

Paraguay Visa Fee For Business And Leisure Travel
Updated: 08Mar13

Paraguay authorities collect an entry fee for all arriving citizens of the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of China (Taiwan), and Russia.

For additional information refer directly to: Paraguay Travel Requirements for U.S. Citizens.

Special Instructions: For arrivals to Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asuncion (ASU), all U.S. tourist or business visitors must pay the visa rates (USD $160 for Americans) payable in U.S. currency in cash. Credit cards are not accepted. Please see Paraguay Visa Fee for complete details.


Updated: June 28, 2013

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