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May 2013 News

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5/31/2013 Schedule Change - Notification Queue for Weekend
5/31/2013 Premium Entrée Pre-Order Meal Program
5/28/2013 Pre-reserved Seats for Top Tiers on AA*/BA and AA*/IB
5/17/2013 New Boarding Pass Process
5/16/2013 TSA PreCheck Eligibility Pre-Notification to Appear on American Airlines Boarding Passes
5/13/2013 Flight Number Changes to American, American Eagle Flights
5/03/2013 AA*/AY Flights Closed For Sale

Schedule Change - Notification Queue for Weekend
Updated: 31May13

American Airlines will be adjusting schedules this weekend for flights operating between the periods of August 27 – November 20, 2013. Please review your schedule change queues this weekend, June 02, 2013 to ensure customer acceptance of the new itinerary change updated by American.

Travel Agents are required to reissue their customer's tickets containing AA/AA* flights, including Flight Number Change only

Please refer to Schedule Change – Rule 240/80 – Schedule Irregularity for reissue or possible refund request procedures

Scheduled maintenance on

Certain portions of the website will be unavailable the weekend of 5/31. We will be undergoing scheduled system maintenance over the weekend of May 31 – June 2. As a result, some systems may be unavailable during this timeframe. If your customer is traveling during this window, please have them double check that their personal information is accurate before May 31 on our Secure Flight page. If it needs to be updated and the system is unavailable, please have the customer call American Airlines at 800-433-7300 for assistance.

On June 1, additional maintenance is scheduled to run from 10 p.m. Saturday night to 4 a.m. CDT Sunday morning. This maintenance may impact your customers ability to:

  • Enroll in AAdvantage program
  • Create flight status notifications
  • Make account updates
  • Use your mobile app to view reservations, check-in, purchase seats, view your boarding pass or view seats
  • Perform certain Admirals Club tasks, such as purchase or renew a membership, or update member details. The ability to purchase a One-Day pass without an AAdvantage number will be available during this time.

If your customer needs immediate assistance with any of the above, please have the customer Contact AA or call 1-800-433-7300.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Premium Entrée Pre-Order Meal Program
Issued: 31May13

First or Business Class customers may pre-reserve their entrée between 30 days and 24 hours prior to their departure via the View Reservations page on when they retrieve their reservation. Please refer to Premium Select Entrée for details.

Travel Agents are only permitted to add Special Dietary Meals for their customers when booking their reservation.

Pre-reserved Seats for Top Tiers on AA*/BA and AA*/IB
Update: 28May13

Travel Agents assigning seats for Top Tier frequesnt flyers, when travel includes AA*/BA or AA*/IB, the AAdvantage frequent flyer number must be properly entered to ensure the request is processed. The AAdvantage frequent flyer number is required to be associated with each segment containing an AA*/BA or AA*/IB flight number and by simply adding the AAdvantage frequent flyer number to the PNR will result in our partners to return a UC response and the seat not being confirmed.

New Boarding Pass Process
Issued: 17May13

American Airlines today launched a new system wide boarding process that saves overall boarding time by allowing customers who are traveling light to board earlier. Customers traveling with one personal carry-on item that fits under the seat in front of them will be invited to board before Group 2. Refer to New Boarding Pass Process

TSA PreCheck Eligibility Pre-Notification to Appear on American Airlines Boarding Passes
Update: 16May13

The TSA PreCheck logo will appear for eligible customers on the new AA boarding pass early summer. Stay tuned.

Flight Number Changes to American, American Eagle Flights
Update: 03May13
Updated: 13May13

As a reminder, please advise your customers that their flight number may have changed due to recent adjustments to our flight numbers. The scheduled date and time of their flight will remain the same, and no action is required by the travel agent or the customer. You may refer to travel notices page for more information.

American Airlines and American Eagle plan to consolidate flight numbers. The first phase of this change will roll out on all flights operated by American Eagle and ExpressJet beginning June 12. The change will be visible on and other reservation systems on Sunday, May 5.

Travel Agents may receive multiple schedule change notices. It is not necessary to reissue tickets immediately after accepting the schedule change. Customers' tickets should match their current flight itinerary information prior to departure for check-in. This excludes Flight Number Only schedule changes. Please refer to Schedule Change-Rule 240/80-Schedule Irregularity.

AA*/AY Flights Closed For Sale
Update: 03MAY13

On Monday, May 6, 2013, beginning at 12:01 a.m., all AA*/AY flights for travel on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, and beyond, will be closed for sale due to a fare class mapping change. Please advise your customers that voluntary changes are not permitted until this has been completed. We will keep you updated when the flights have been reopened for sale.


Updated: June 28, 2013

Information contained on this website is subject to change at any time without notice. American Airlines shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from your reliance on the information.