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Extra/Additional Seats - One Passenger

  • A passenger may book additional adjacent seats.
  • If a passenger qualifies for an electronic ticket for the first seat, the second seat may also be an electronic ticket.
  • The applicable adult fare, minus any Passenger Facilities Charges (PFCs), applies to the extra seat.
  • The ticket designator SEAT may be applied to deduct PFC charges. Contact AA Tariff for pricing questions or if pricing using the SEAT designator is unsupported by the GDS.
  • Baggage policy applies to passenger ticket only.
  • AAdvantage Free Awards (PlanAAhead or AAnytime) - passenger is allowed to claim two awards if travel is wholly on American Airlines.
  • AAdvantage Upgrades - passenger may not use AAdvantage upgrades for a purchased extra seat.
  • Extra seats cannot be purchased for a pet.
  • For multiple extra seats, please contact American Airlines Reservations or American Airlines Sales Support.

The PNR name field must be completed as follows. An OSI message must be added to the PNR. Failure to follow policy may result in a debit memo and/or the cancellation of the extra seat by flight firming automation.

PNR name field       -2JONES/JOHN/XTRA SEAT
OSI entry                 OSI EXTRA SEAT FOR PRIVACY

Check Available Seats can display seat availability for:

  • American Airlines, American Eagle, or American Connection® flights
  • Flights that have not yet departed

Cabin Comfort

Information about amenities provided, seat details, etc.


Updated June 16, 2005

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