Argentina Entry Fees For Business And Leisure Travel


Argentina assesses a fee on Australia, Canada and U.S. nationals which must be paid before departure to Argentina. This fee, known as a reciprocity fee, is a set amount that equals the amount which these respective governments charge Argentine nationals for a visa. Payment via the web is to simplify the process for the government of Argentina.


Upon arrival in Buenos Aires (EZE) nationals of Australia, Canada and the United States must show proof of payment of the fee with either presentation of a receipt with bar code from the web or a valid sticker in the passport. Validity of fee begins the day payment is made, not date of entry.

Reciprocity Fees amounts are as follows:

  • US citizens: $160, valid for 10 years, multiple entries
  • Canadian citizens: $75, valid for 90 days (one entry) or $150, valid for 5 years, multiple entries
  • Australian citizens: $100, valid for 1 year.


To avoid potential fines and deportation, customers must present their receipt with bar code/proof of payment prior to check in and boarding the aircraft to Buenos Aires (EZE). If the customer is unable to present a valid receipt with bar code, AA will deny boarding until proof is presented. AA cannot pay the reciprocity fee on the customer's behalf. The customer must submit credit card payment via this website:

The application will generate a receipt with bar code which must be verified by American prior to boarding and must be presented upon arrival in Argentina.

Failure to present a valid receipt with bar code/proof of payment will result in customer being denied entry into Argentina, the traveler's immediate deportation, and a fine levied on American.


Passengers who paid the fee prior to December 28, 2012 may have been issued a sticker in their passport by Argentina Immigration. The sticker indicates a date of payment and the date of expiration. Passengers are permitted to enter Argentina until expiration date indicated on the sticker.