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Travel Notice Exception Policy - Travel Agency Guidelines

American offers flexibility in rebooking when customers are impacted by events such as extreme weather, earthquakes, or uncontrollable circumstances resulting in flight disruptions. Travel Notice Exception Policies are published to allow travel agents to assist mutual customers in rebooking, reissuing/exchanging or refunding their reservations. Each event provides instructions on PNR documentation required to properly service your customer's needs. Additionally, American may proactively rebook and reissue customer itineraries to assist airport operations. When this happens, future changes require travel agents to contact American for ticket reissuance.

Please note some affected itineraries may have been proactively rebooked and reissued. In those cases, travel agents must contact American Airlines for assistance.

Travel Agent Travel Notice Reissue Guidelines

Travel agents may rebook and reissue tickets for their customers due to event related circumstances provided the following conditions* are met and or applied:

  • Travel has not commenced on the affected flight segment and the ticket has not been reissued by American Airlines
  • The first departure flight is more than 3 hours away
  • The customer has not checked in
    • Check-in status can be removed by canceling the flight segment
  • Rebooking options may be permitted in the same cabin/same inventory as original ticket or in the same cabin/lowest inventory per the specific rebooking parameters for the travel event to avoid a debit memo
    • Rebooking to higher cabin is not allowed
  • Travel reissuance only in accordance to dates identified in the applicable Travel Notice Exception Advisory
  • One change allowed without an additional collection, including penalty or change fee
  • Original issuing agency responsible for reissue
  • If changes to origin/destination are not permitted, all fare rules apply. Any voluntary changes to origin/destination may result in an increase in fare. Any difference in the fare between the original ticket and the new ticket must be collected at the time of ticketing
  • If changes to origin/destination are permitted please review specific event guidelines
  • When changes to the outbound travel occur, the unaffected return date may be changed to protect the original length of the trip
    • The return travel must be booked in the original class of service (inventory)

Required Documentation for Reissue

Document the PNR with the following OSI message entry:

  • 4OSI CART/AN designator (if applicable)

Tour Code/IT Box:

  • Waiver code TNADV1 or TNADV2 (See specific event located in Agency News for the applicable waiver code) for reissuing requirements

Endorsement Box:

Travel Event Name (no other annotated verbiage required)

Travel Agent Travel Notice Refund Guidelines

If a customer's American Airlines, American Eagle or US Airways flight validated on AA/001 is cancelled during the Travel Notice Exception Advisory; the travel agents may refund a totally unused non-refundable ticket(s) through your normal reporting settlement process.

ARC/IAR REN entry:

  • Waiver code box on the IAR/Refund detail screen must be noted in the following format: TNADVR (See specific event located in Agency News for the appropriate waiver code)

IATA Agencies must process as follows:


  • Refund through your GDS directly

  • Waiver code on BSPLink/Refund Notice must be notated in the following format: TNADVR (See specific event located in Agency News for the appropriate waiver code)

If a ticket has already been reissued by American Airlines or the ticket is partially used, travel agents must submit the refund request online at American Airlines Refunds.

Group reservations must be changed by AA Group & Meeting Travel.


Updated: Draft update - February 11, 2015

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