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Venezuela Suspension of Service - Schedule Change

City Reason AA Protection

(Miami – Valencia, Venezuela)

Discontinuation of service between November 17 to February 07, 2011

Protection Options for Revenue/Published Fare Tickets:
Customers traveling on AA to/from VLN have been processed via AA Schedule Change to now fly to/from CCS.  
Customer inquiring on transportation to/from VLN please advise the following:

  • Bus transportation will be provided by AA to/from VLN
  • CCS to VLN at 1800
  • VLN to CCS at 0500 
  • Passenger must check in for the bus service 1-1/2hrs prior to bus departure at the departing airport
  • Bus Service: Document Pnr
    • YES -
      • OSI Field - Bus service will be utilized.
    • NO -
      • OSI Field – Customer responsible for any alternate transportation costs-no reimbursement


Type of Fare


Agency Procedure for Discontinuation of Svc- VLN

Revenue/Published Fare Tickets:
Travel agencies are never allowed to process a refund of a non-refundable ticket on a Rule 240/80 via their ARC/BSP


  • Email Subject Category Select: (Drop down menu)
    • Travel Agency Requesting Involuntary Exception
  • In Comment field Indicate:
    • Discontinuation of Service VLN

Bulk/Opaque Fare Tickets:
Travel agencies may refund BULK /OPAQUE TICKETS ONLY per the criteria:


If a fare basis code contains NT, CB, CS, AS, ST or a published fare with a ticket designator of: CRUZ, WHLD, CONS, PDWH and PCAA7 by the wholesaler/consolidator that the ticket was issued by.
If the ticket is issued as BT (zero fare ticket) then these refunds are handled by the booking source.

  • Refundable tickets will be refunded to the original form of payment (FOP)
  • Refundable tickets that have a cancellation penalty fee may be refunded by the agency that issued the ticket to the original form of payment (FOP); cancellation penalty fee is waived.
  • Non-refundable bulk tickets may be refunded by the agency that issued the ticket to the original form of payment (FOP); penalty fee is waived.

The Refund-Exchange document (ARC) and/or the Refund AuthAuthorization Request template (BSP) must reflect:

  • Waiver Code: BULKRULE24080
Note: Change fee does not apply


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