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Japan Airlines and American Airlines commenced their joint business on April 1, 2011, initiating a phased approach to bring more travel choices and greater benefits to consumers as quickly as possible and to maximize the value for stakeholders. The scope of the joint business is as follows:

Trans-Pacific Flights

Operating Carrier Routes
JAL Tokyo Narita = New York-JFK, Chicago-O'Hare, Los Angeles, Vancouver
Tokyo Haneda = San Francisco
AA Tokyo Narita = Dallas/Fort Worth, New York-JFK, Chicago-O'Hare, Los Angeles
Tokyo Haneda = New York- JFK
Beijing = Chicago-O'Hare
Shanghai = Chicago-O'Hare, Los Angeles

Connecting flights from the above Trans-Pacific Flights

Operating Carrier Routes
JAL Asia, domestic points within Japan
AA Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, domestic points within USA

Specific customer benefits include:

  • Alignment of schedules to result in reduced connection and overall travel times, a better choice of flight times, and increased connection opportunities to destinations beyond gateway cities
  • Expanded codesharing to a total of 156 routes resulting in more routing choices to more destinations, and we will continue to expand the number of codesharing routes in the future
  • Co-location of JAL's flight departure to Tokyo at Chicago-O'Hare is resulting in shorter connections and travel times, increased connection opportunities and greater convenience for customers
  • Greater access to a wider choice of fares through fare alignment between the two airlines
  • Increased mileage promotion and earning opportunities for trans-Pacific customers
  • An enhanced customer experience from
    • content sharing on the airlines' websites,
    • online booking capability and check-in regardless of which airline is being flown,
    • more aligned customer policies and procedures,
    • facility co-locations, and
    • more coordinated pricing and programs for travel agencies and corporations
  • Sharing best practices and cultural insights to serve customers better

Specific business benefits include:

  • More coordinated pricing and programs for travel agencies and corporate customers
  • Sales forces activities conducted in cooperation to promote both airlines, thereby boosting the productivity and efficiency of the sales teams, and increasing the opportunities for sales and publicity
  • Sales of Japan Airlines' premium economy product, which makes both airlines more competitive in the marketplace and provides a new travel option for American's customers that did not previously exist
  • With one exception (Vancouver - Tokyo Narita), first class service is offered on all of the trans-Pacific routes, allowing first class customers to enjoy the increase in flight options
  • Expected investment and operational efficiencies gained from co-locations at airports, offices, joint lounge operations and other operational synergies that make both airlines stronger
  • Purchase of Japan Airlines and American's applicable trans-Pacific flights from either airline's website to increase exposure and sales opportunities for the two brands, while providing customers more convenience with the ability to select flights and gain access to information about both airlines through one channel


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