Baggage / Lost and found

Delayed or damaged baggage

Need assistance with delayed or damaged bags? We do our best to ensure that your checked bag travels on the same flight with you. If your bag did not arrive on your flight or your bag was damaged, notify a baggage service agent before you leave the airport.

How to contact baggage customer service

Baggage delayed less than 5 days

Call us

Daily, 24 hours

Check status online

Baggage delayed longer than 5 days

Additional information

Send us an email

If you would like to share feedback on your experience with delayed or damage baggage, please contact Customer Relations.

Lost and found

Please visit an American Airlines Baggage Service office if you’ve left an item behind:

We keep lost items for up to 30 days, so simply file a report in person at our airport Baggage Service offices either upon arrival or at a later time.

If you left an item in another area of the airport, contact the Lost and Found office listed on the airport’s website. If the website does not offer Lost and Found information, please visit the airport in person for assistance.

If you left something at an airport security checkpoint, please contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).