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Reservations For Unaccompanied Minors

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Self Travel

  • Children under 15 years of age must travel with another passenger at least 16 years of age or they will be considered Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers 15 through 17 years of age may travel independently. Unaccompanied Minor service can also be purchased as an option for passengers 15 through 17 (subject to the same charges and provisions). Customers 16 years of age or older traveling alone may book travel online. Customers who are 15 and traveling alone must book travel by calling Reservations.
Mandatory Unaccompanied Minor Service
  • Children 5-14 who will be traveling alone will be required to use the Unaccompanied Minor service subject to a $150 charge plus tax each way. Two or more unaccompanied children from the same family (immediate or extended), traveling on the same flights, will be assessed a single charge.
  • Fees subject to change
  • Unaccompanied Minors ages 8-14 may travel with the following itinerary exclusions:
    • Itinerary cannot include a connection to or from another airline, including codeshare and oneworld partners.
    • Itinerary cannot include co-terminal connections requiring a change of airport (such as changing from New York LaGuardia to New York Kennedy) because an unaccompanied child under 15 years may not use ground transportation unescorted.
    • Itinerary cannot include the day's last online connection to any American Airlines or American Eagle destination.
  • In addition to the above exclusions, Unaccompanied Minors ages 5-7
    • may only travel on flights not requiring a change of aircraft.
    • cannot travel alone on flights operated with aircraft not requiring a flight attendant.
  • Children under 5 years of age may not travel alone under any circumstances. Another passenger at least 16 years of age must always accompany them. American Airlines reserves the right to request documented proof of age for the adolescent accompanying a child under the age of 15.
Before Going to the Airport
  • American Airlines reserves the right to request documented proof of age for children traveling alone. Please be prepared to provide documentation (birth certificate, driver's license, passport, etc.) upon request.
  • Check the status of the Unaccompanied Minors flight and weather conditions at
  • Children traveling as Unaccompanied Minors must be booked through our Reservations representatives. Children traveling under the Unaccompanied Minor program may use electronic ticketing.
  • For domestic flights, please arrive at the airport two hours before departure in order to complete all necessary forms and check-in procedures. (Due to numerous signatures required, the actual form can only be completed in person at the airport).
  • For international flights, please plan to arrive three hours before departure.
  • A parent or responsible adult must do the following when a child who will be traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor is brought to the airport:
    • Complete an Unaccompanied Minor form at the ticket counter. This includes providing the name, address and phone number of designating the parent or responsible adult who will meet the child at his or her destination. A child may not travel unaccompanied until this form is completed.
    • Obtain a boarding pass from the airport ticket counter (for clearance through the security checkpoint).
    • Remain with unaccompanied minor until the child is boarded on the flight and the flight has departed the gate. This may not be possible at airports outside the United States. See below for additional information.
  • An agent will ensure that the flight on which your child is confirmed is operating as scheduled. If the flight is delayed and expected to misconnect or divert to another airport, please make alternate arrangements for your child's travel.
  • Upon completion of check-in, your child and the parent or responsible adult delivering your child to the airport should be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure for pre-boarding.
  • American Airlines has implemented cashless cabins onboard flights within the U.S. and between the U.S. and Canada. However, international flights still accept cash as a possible form of payment. American Eagle is not accepting credit cards for onboard purchases at this time.
  • If your child plans to purchase a snack during a cashless flight, we accept American Express® cards and other major credit or debit cards. Our flight attendants use wireless handheld devices to quickly swipe the card and provide receipts upon request.
  • Pack a carry-on for your Child Traveler with activities, any necessary medications, and snacks.
  • Review the Unaccompanied Minor Service form and ensure you have all the necessary information before arriving at the airport. Please note that due to the form needing numerous signatures, the actual form can only be completed in person at the airport.
At the Airport
  • Arrive at least two hours prior to departure for domestic and three hours for international flights.
  • Notify a Customer Service Agent at the ticket counter that the child is an Unaccompanied Minor.
  • Fill out the “Unaccompanied Minor Service” form at the ticket counter.
  • A check-in agent will ensure all documents are in order and assist in completing all forms prior to boarding. The agent will ensure that the parent or responsible adult delivering your child to the airport completes all necessary Customs and Immigration forms if applicable before American Airlines or American Eagle takes custody of your child.
  • Upon completion of check-in, your child and the parent or responsible adult delivering your child to the airport should be at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure for pre-boarding.
  • At the airport you may be required to release your child upon check in at the ticket counter. In these instances, an American Airlines representative will escort your child to the departure gate and your child will remain under the supervision of an American Airlines representative until the flight departs.
Picking Children Up From the Airport
  • The adult designated to pick up the unaccompanied minor at the destination airport should plan to arrive at the arrival gate 20 minutes before the flight's scheduled arrival time. Because airport concourses are secured to ticketed passengers only, the designated person should allow additional time to obtain the required boarding pass from the airport ticket counter to clear and proceed through the security checkpoint. After verifying identification and forms at the gate, the American Airlines employee will release your child to the designated individual.
  • If schedule irregularities occur at any city, American may refuse to provide air transportation services at any originating city to an Unaccompanied Minor holding reservations if there is a reasonable likelihood that the child will not make a flight connection.
  • Parents and guardians picking up an unaccompanied minor from an international destination may wait in the "Immigrations or Customs Arrival" area. An airline representative will escort the child through Immigrations or Customs to meet you outside the Custom's door.

[ ] Travelers information - Last Name - First Name - Age - Origination - Connection - Destination - PNR

[ ] (Each Direction) Name-Address-City-State/Province-Zip-Postal Code (NO P.O. Boxes)

[ ] (Each Direction) Telephone numbers - Home - Business - Alternate

[ ] Read rules for children and unaccompanied minors traveling alone

[ ] Appropriate documents for domestic and international travel

[ ] Valid identification for Guardian(s) at departure and arrival

[ ] Appropriate payment for unaccompanied minor charges

[ ] Provide receiving guardian with unaccompanied flight information