Comfort For Returning Soldiers

Admirals Club® Lounges Welcome U.S. Troops
American Airlines invites U.S. military men and women, returning on Emergency or Rest and Relaxation (R&R) Leave from Operation New Dawn (OND) or Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), to spend time between flights at an Admirals Club lounge. This includes family members and relatives accompanying military personnel traveling while on leave from OND and OEF. U.S. troops are given complimentary admission in airports that host Admirals Club locations where USO facilities are not available or not within a reasonable proximity to their connecting domestic flight.
The following criteria is required for complimentary admission:
  • Soldiers on Emergency or R&R leave who are traveling on military charters from Operation New Dawn (OND) or Operation Enduring Freedom (EOF)]

  • Soldiers wearing their appropriate travel uniform

  • Soldiers having leave forms (DD 31) stating they are on leave from OND or OEF
The program is effective December 12, 2003 through the end of the R&R program.

Returning Soldiers