Checked baggage policy

Traveling with electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are not allowed in checked baggage. You may travel with electronic cigarettes in your carry-on bags only. Smoking is never allowed onboard any flight.

Checked bagage

How many bags can you take?

Check up to 10 bags if your journey is:

Check up to 5 bags if you’re traveling to / through / from:

*There are seasonal and year-round baggage restrictions

Weight and size

We calculate the size limits of your bag by adding the total outside dimensions of each bag, length + width + height.

For all regions, your checked baggage allowance is:

Excludes Brazil, for which your allowance is:

What will it cost?

Complimentary bags

In some cases, you won't have to pay the baggage fees for up to 3 bags. Find out if this applies to you.

1st checked bag is complimentary for:

  • And when traveling to these destinations

1st and 2nd checked bags are complimentary for:

1st, 2nd and 3rd checked bags are complimentary for:


Region Bag 1 Bag 2 Bag 3 Bag 4+
Domestic $25 $35 $150 $200
Mexico / Caribbean / Central America $25 $40 $150 $200
Brazil $0 $0 $85 $85
South America $0 $0 $150 $200
Transatlantic $0 $100 $200 $200
Transpacific $0 $0 $200 $200

If your region is not listed, we can still help:

All baggage fees are non-refundable and apply per person, each way.

What else can you travel with?

You’re also allowed to check:

Restricted items

There are some items that are only allowed in checked baggage or your carry-on. Check to see how to pack and travel with restricted items.