Damaged Baggage

Flying or connecting to US Airways?

US Airways has different policies on baggage. Learn more about their carry-on and checked bag policies before you book.

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Which airline is operating my flight?

Prompt notification of a damaged bag helps us get your property to you promptly therefore all American Airlines and American Eagle airport locations are equipped to handle the initial report, evaluation and settlement of damage claims. If your bag is damaged, please notify us:

  • In person before leaving the airport
  • At the latest, within 24 hours after you receive your bag for domestic itineraries
  • Within 7 days for international itineraries

Please notify us as soon as possible. Failure to report damage to baggage within the prescribed time limit releases American Airlines and American Eagle from any liability.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Inspections

The TSA places a written notification inside the bag or a seal on the outside of the bag after an inspection. Since American is not liable for damage resulting from TSA inspections, please contact the TSA at 1-866-289-9673 if you believe your bag has been damaged as a result of an inspection.

Tips To Help Reduce The Risk Of Damaged Luggage

1Never check a bag that doesn't completely close. If you need a luggage strap or bungee cord to keep the bag closed, it probably won't survive the trip.
2Check your bag carefully in the baggage claims area before leaving the airport.
3Never check a bag that is meant to be carried on. Most briefcases, tote bags, plastic garment covers and items received through retail promotions are not designed to be checked luggage.
4Don't over-pack. Over-packing puts a strain on zippers, seams, frames and hinges.
5Consider replacing old or worn luggage. Luggage that is several years old may not be able to withstand automated baggage handling systems.

Musical Instruments as Checked Baggage

Musical instruments can be checked as baggage. The maximum size for checked baggage, including instruments, is 126 inches (320cms), and the maximum weight is 165lbs (75kgs). Anything larger or heavier would need to be shipped via Cargo.

Due to their fragile nature we will not be liable for damages to musical instruments if:

  • Your instrument isn’t in a hard-sided case
  • Your instrument is in hard-sided case but the outside of the case shows no visible damage