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Flying To Beijing With American Airlines

Be amazed by the Chinese capital's imperial past and fast-paced future when you take a flight to Beijing with American Airlines. Explore Mao's bombastic Tiananmen Square, map out an empire in the maze-like Forbidden City and eat the crispiest Peking duck in town when you fly to Beijing with American Airlines.

Feel China's beating heart on Tiananmen Square

A huge portrait of Chairman Mao hangs above the red Gate of Heavenly Peace and the austere Great Hall of the People stands proud. Mao founded the People's Republic in here 1949 and his mausoleum is now the square's centerpiece. Arrive bright and early for perfectly synchronized military parades at the flag-raising ceremony.

Get lost in the Forbidden City

China's imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Framed by a moat, the red-walled complex houses a staggering 980 rooms. Roam the vast courtyards, ornate halls and pavilions guarded by lions and dragons. Climb Prospect Hill in Jingshan Park for a true sense of the Forbidden City's overwhelming scale and symmetry.

Feast with the family on Crispy Peking Duck

Served with wrapping pancakes, sliced spring onions and cucumber and sweet plum sauce. Getting the skin golden crisp and the meat perfectly moist requires great skill. For duck with style, we suggest industrial-chic Duck de Chine or buzz-worthy Made in China at the Grand Hyatt Beijing.

Rise early to visit the Temple of Heaven

Watch locals doing their daily practice of kung fu and tai chi. Symbolizing the meeting of heaven and earth, the circular three-tiered temple is where emperors prayed for good harvests. Take a shady stroll in the cypress-lined gardens, where calligraphers paint and elderly men carry songbirds in cages.

Haggle hard at Beijing's Markets

Hone your bartering skills for great deals on strings of freshwater pearls and the latest bleeping gadgets at Hongqiao. Or join the throngs at Yashow and the Silk Market and shop for silk, cashmere, leather shoes and knock-off designer garb. Panjiayuan is the place for Communist-era curios and fake antiques.

Book your flight to Beijing with American Airlines today to see some of Beijing's best attractions.

More Things To Do In Beijing

Book your trip with American Airlines to get off the beaten path and discover more things to do in Beijing. Whether you want to weave through the labyrinthine hutongs on a bone-shaking rickshaw or find total peace in the temple-dotted gardens of the Summer Palace, American is with you every step of the way.

Find old Peking in the Hutongs

A rabbit's warren of centuries-old alleys and courtyard houses, best seen by bicycle, on foot or by rickshaw. Trees and paper lanterns fringe the maze of lanes, filled with birdsong, vendors peddling groceries and locals playing chess in front of grey stone houses. Explore the alleys near the Drum Tower, bar-lined Nanluoguxiang and boat-dotted Houhai Lake in Dongcheng.

Challenge your tastebuds at the Wangfujing Night Market

An array of lantern-lit stalls teems with locals and travelers. Deep-fried scorpions, crunchy grasshoppers, snakes on skewers – you'll find a lot of culinary curiosities here. If you'd prefer not to nibble insects, we recommend peppery Sichuan soup, fluffy Chinese dumplings and steamed crab.

Enjoy morning contemplation at the Tibetan Lama Temple

The first shafts of sunlight filter through clouds of incense and light up the colorful prayer flags. Buddhist monks drift across the courtyards to flame-red halls and pavilions, embellished with lion carvings, gold leaf and floral motifs. Look out for the temple's pride and joy: a 59-foot Buddha statue carved from a single piece of sandalwood.

Be spellbound by Peking opera at the National Centre for the Performing Arts

A titanium-and-glass dome which shimmers above an artificial lake. The space-age concert hall stages authentic Peking opera, where performers in elaborate silk costumes act out tales from Chinese folklore and history through music, mime, graceful dance moves and acrobatics.

Wander the serene gardens of the imperial Summer Palace

Following in the footsteps of emperors and tittering courtesans. The harmonious gardens are centered on the still waters of Kunming Lake. Walk across the Seventeen-Arch Bridge to the Marble Boat, admire folkloric paintings on the pavilion-studded Long Corridor and climb Longevity Hill for entrancing views across the gardens.

Book a flight to Beijing with American Airlines today to discover more things to do in Beijing.

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