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Flying To Napa With American Airlines

Plan the perfect wine country getaway with American Airlines flights to Napa Valley (arriving in San Francisco). This beautiful and historic area is full of treasures just waiting to be discovered and memories waiting to be made. There is no question that you'll find a wide range of things to do in Napa Valley, from visiting wineries to hiking and boating.

Things to Do in Napa

One of the best-known activities in Napa Valley is going on a tour of the region's wineries. There are more than 400 wineries in Napa Valley, and some of them have been producing wine for over a century. This region of California has established itself as a world-renowned destination for oenophiles, with both large-scale and boutique wineries producing noteworthy wines. Although it is not a geographically large area, Napa Valley is one of the most diverse regions worldwide when it comes to varieties of grapes, including cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir, sangiovese, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel and syrah. A wonderful way to experience this diversity is with a guided tour (especially ones which include drivers). The Napa Valley Wine Country Day Trip from San Francisco takes a small group on a tour of four noteworthy wineries, accompanied by an expert guide. This tour even includes a return trip to the city by ferry, which provides excellent views of the coastline, Alcatraz, Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Apart from winemaking, the area is also known for opportunities to enjoy the beautiful natural setting. Some of our favorite things to do in Napa Valley center on ways to explore the Napa River. In the city of Napa, you'll find Kennedy Park and its trail along the river, which lets you explore the shoreline at your own pace. You can also rent a kayak or canoe in the city of Napa and paddle the river, which will let you see the wildlife up close.

If utter relaxation is on your to-do list, this is an ideal place to be. In addition to the wineries, there are a number of activities in Napa Valley that let you unwind. Play a round of golf (just try not to be distracted by the gorgeous panoramas of the Valley) or find bliss at one of the many spas.

Flying to Napa Valley (arriving in San Francisco) is just as relaxing when you choose American Airlines. It's the perfect destination for those who want to revel in the beauty of the great outdoors while enjoying a number of leisurely pursuits. Book your getaway today.

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