American Airlines Wine Consultant Ken Chase

Ken Chase is a classically trained wine maker and viticulturist with an international reputation. Chase started studying wine in Bordeaux France, Germany and Italy, while living in Europe for eight years. This early interest in wine led Chase to study more throughout the classical wine growing regions of Europe. Also a student of aviation, Chase sought to blend his passion for flying with his interest in wine-making.

Ken Chase Chase's current role as wine consultant for American Airlines successfully combines these interests. He selects fine wines for various routes paying close attention to menu parings, as well as the ethnic, cultural, seasonal and stylistic differences of each destination.

Additionally, Chase is active in the wine community. He is a wine resource for the Young President's Organization, Texas; Chairman of "Toast to Humanity", a cause branding business dedicated to raising funds for charities worldwide; and the viticulture/oenological team leader for both the Andean wine project in Mendoza, Argentina and for Perugian "Super Umbrian" vineyard project. As a recent member of the Board of Directors and Research Director for World Vintners, the world's largest producer of home wine-making kits, Chase spearheaded the quality revolution in that industry, which is now poised for growth in this tough economic time. He has also served as the consultant/managing partner to Lanpak International, one of the world leaders in Tetra Prisma wine packaging.

Throughout his career, Chase has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Royal Caribbean, American Express Wine Club and other airlines. He selected wines for the Pope during his visit to Canada and has appeared as a radio personality on CBC radio and Chum 1050 AM as the resident wine guru.

His formal undergraduate education was at Loyola of Montreal followed by the University of Freiburg in West Germany. Later Chase pursued a degree in enology and viticulture studies at University of Melbourne followed by continuing studies at UC Davis California. He is currently involved in post-graduate research work at the University of Melbourne, Australia in enology and viticulture where he is pursuing his Ph.D. as a visiting researcher.

Presently Chase is writing his first book on wine, and travels worldwide striving to take the mystery out of wine and sharing his passion with others.

Chase was born and raised in Montreal and is fluent in French, English and German.

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