Gate Connect

Need to know your connecting flight information? Gate Connect, available on all American Airlines' Boeing 777 aircraft, is an in-flight program that provides connecting gate information on cabin video screens. Using state-of-the-art technology, this program enables the aircraft's onboard computer to convert connecting flight data to graphical and text display for easier viewing.


Thirty minutes before landing, the aircraft's onboard computer receives arrival information from American's main computers and displays it on the video screens in all cabins for easy viewing. If the pilots request further updates after the initial upload, that information will be transmitted directly on to the cabin screens.

The first screen provides your flight's arrival gate and baggage claim information.

Gate Information


The second screen displays a list of connecting flights such as departure city, flight number and departure gate location.

Connecting Flight Information


The third screen features a graphical layout of the arrival airport and their connecting gates.

DFW Airport Diagram