Assistance Inflight
and Aircraft Accessibility

Braille Safety Cards
Every American Airlines and American Eagle aircraft has Safety Briefing Cards printed in Braille and large print for our customers who have vision disabilities.

Captioned Safety Video
Where aircraft safety briefings are administered by video, open captioning is provided as standard for our customers with hearing disabilities.

Individual Safety Briefings
Individual safety briefings are given to any customer with a disability. Included in the briefing is an explanation of exit locations, as well as communication regarding the most efficient and appropriate way to provide assistance.

Stowage of Carry-on items
Assistance with loading and retrieval of carry-on items and small assistive devices stowed onboard the aircraft is furnished upon request.

Onboard Wheelchair
Flight attendants will provide assistance to customers in getting from their seats to the aircraft lavatory and back during flight by using the onboard wheelchair. Every jet aircraft has a collapsible chair available, custom-designed for onboard use. Customers must be semi-ambulatory and able to transfer themselves into and out of these chairs.

Moveable Aisle Armrests
Maneuverability and increased personal space is very desirable onboard aircraft. For that reason, American's high proportion of moveable aisle armrests within the main cabin of every jet in the fleet is particularly important for our customers with disabilities.

Select from among the aircraft types listed below to determine the location of moveable aisle armrests, accessible lavatories and other onboard information

Boeing MD-80

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 757

Boeing 767

Boeing 777

Accessible Lavatories
All widebody (two aisle) aircraft feature at least one wheelchair-accessible lavatory onboard. All Boeing 737 aircraft have two accessible lavatories.

See also Onboard Wheelchair Storage in the Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Assistive Devices section