Mobility and medical devices

Traveling with mobility and medical devices

We offer pre-boarding, deplaning and airport assistance. We can also help to stow or retrieve carry-on items, such as mobility aids and other assistive devices.


If you’re bringing an assistive device as a carry-on, it will not count toward carry-on limits. If space is limited, the device doesn’t fit in the cabin or if it isn’t required during the flight, it may need to be checked.

Carry-on items include:


Please let a gate agent or Reservation assistant (during booking) know if you need wheelchair assistance at any point during your trip. They’ll make a note in your reservation for a wheelchair and any other assistance needed. When traveling outside the U.S., we highly recommended you make your special assistance requests as far in advance as possible.

Wheelchair assistance inflight

Flight attendants on every jet aircraft can provide assistance to the aircraft lavatory door with an onboard wheelchair. They won't be able to provide lift assistance in or out of the chair or lavatory.

  • Wheelchair batteries

    Removal and dangerous goods packaging procedures apply to:


We make every effort to accommodate customers who require supplemental oxygen inflight. Only portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) approved by the FAA will be accepted for inflight use. (If you’re connecting to another airline or traveling on a codeshare flight, contact the operating carrier or other airline for their rules on traveling with POCs.)

To travel with an approved POC for use in the cabin you must notify Reservations at least 48-hours before your departure and send in a completed physician consent form. A special assistance coordinator will contact you before your flight to verify your device and medical paperwork. If you are only transporting the POC and not using it in flight, a physician consent form is not needed.

  • Approved POCs for use inflight

    *Approved for use on American mainline aircraft. Approved on a case-by-case basis on Envoy aircraft.

    **SeQual Eclipse (models 1000, 1000A, and 1000B) and SeQual Eclipse SAROS may not be used on Republic Airlines. These models are too large to fit under the seat for use on board the aircraft. These models may be transported in the cabin as assistive devices and stowed in the overhead compartments but cannot be used on board the aircraft.

Requirements for traveling with an approved POC:

Before you board, check in at the gate so an agent can:

Additional requirements:

  • Oxygen units not accepted for use inflight

    FAA Regulations prohibit the use and transportation of other personal oxygen units, including those that contain compressed or liquid oxygen because they are classified as hazardous materials.

    POCs must be free of oil, grease or other petroleum products, in good condition, free from damage or other signs of excessive wear or abuse.

Onboard power for medical devices

You’re required to bring any necessary, fully-charged batteries to power your medical devices throughout your flight. Don’t depend on the availability of a power outlet to support your device.