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American Airlines Employees When it comes to travel, our employees have unique insights into the travel experience. Here are some of the best tips our experienced employees have to offer.

Instead of jotting your parking location on a scrap of paper, which can get misplaced, take a picture of the parking location sign with your camera phone or digital camera. - Joanne Grisham, Executive Assistant, Dallas-Fort Worth Keep 24 hours worth of prescription medication that you are currently taking in your carry-on bag. Also store your car keys in your carry-on bags. - Patricia Bond, Operational Coordinator, Dallas-Fort Worth
Take a digital photo of your luggage, itinerary and record locator so you can reference your flight information quickly and identify your luggage. - Renee Cloutier, Domestic Sales, Tucson and Erica, Reservations Agent, Raleigh-Durham Don’t tie ribbons to the same handle that holds the baggage tag; ribbons often confuse the automated baggage sorters and can cause a baggage delay. - Richard Tillema, Facilities Manager, Los Angeles
Scan important identifying papers such as your passport, driver's license and birth certificate and email them to yourself. If you find yourself in a position where you need a copy, simply access your email and print them out. - Jill Lindsay, Flight Attendant, Los Angeles Always add your flight number and name to each checked bag in case the bag tag falls off. You can write the information on a piece of paper and slip it into a luggage pocket or use the American baggage tags at the airport. - Maribel Sotelo, Customer Service Manager, Chicago
Lightweight natural fabrics for clothing are excellent choices, as they allow skin to breathe and retain shape better. Hot water with a slice of lemon helps to relieve congestion, prevent dry throat and get to sleep. - Jan Boyd, Flight Attendant, Dallas-Fort Worth An inexpensive disposable camera can keep kids occupied on a flight and during the trip. If you’re able to develop the film on your trip, bring along a small photo album for them to organize the photos on the flight home. - Holly Salatino, Flight Attendant, Chicago
Go to your favorite retail cosmetic counter and ask for samples of lotion, foundation and perfume/cologne. These tiny containers are perfect for short trips and will allow more room in your one-quart sized clear zip-top bag for other liquids, gels and aerosols that must be 3.4 ounces each or less by volume or weight. - Alicia LeMoine, Executive Assistant, Dallas-Fort Worth Consider purchasing the new CARES child restraint device (sold online through the American Airlines CR Smith Museum - additional details available at www.AA.com/children) instead of carrying the traditional car seat onboard. This safety restraint weighs less then one pound and fits neatly inside a carry-on bag when not in use. - Peter Zografos, Senior Analyst - Onboard Service Regulatory Compliance, Dallas-Fort Worth

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