BeNotified, our flight notification system


Sign up once and get alerts for every flight

BeNotified is the best way to get important flight updates

If you’re an AAdvantage member, you can set flight alerts once and get notifications sent by phone (text or voicemail) or email every time you fly. Customize your alerts to get up-to-the-minute:

Sign up for BeNotified in your AAdvantage profile.

Update your current notification preferences

If you already set flight status notification preferences in your AAdvantage account, or if you’re new to the AAdvantage program, make sure to check and update all your preferences.

How does BeNotified work?

It’s easy! Log in to your AAdvantage account and click ‘BeNotified.’ From there you can choose all your alerts. Then every time you fly, make sure your reservation includes your AAdvantage number and we’ll know how and where to send your flight alerts.

Keep your friends or family updated

You can also add a friend or family member to get flight alerts every time you fly. Just visit the ‘BeNotified’ section in your AAdvantage profile and enter their contact information.

How do you want your notifications?

Choose from two other ways to get flight notifications: